A love-themed event feels especially fitting this time of year.
valentines favor candy necklaces and jewelry
Credit: Charlotte Jenks Lewis, Courtesy of Darcy Miller's "Celebrate Everything"

Perhaps the most appropriate holiday for all things wedding-related, planning a Valentine's Day-themed event presents an opportunity to embrace all things love and playful decoration. Whether you and your spouse-to-be are celebrating your wedding on February 14th or simply planning an event inspired by Cupid, favors are one of the easiest ways to get your guests in on the fun. From edible treats to heartfelt keepsakes, industry experts shared their favorite favor ideas for a Valentine's Day wedding. If you're looking for ways to extend the love this season, then look no further than these festive suggestions.

Serve up wearable whimsy.

An especially great option for guests with young children, candy necklaces, bracelets, and other jewelry give your tiniest attendees a chance to participate in an interactive favor station while being able to leave with something they created. "Not only is this a memorable favor idea, but you will always remember making them during the celebration," says Charlotte Jenks Lewis, owner of Charlotte Jenks Lewis Photography.

Serve treats throughout the party.

Instead of sending your guests home with one favor at the end of the night, serve them Valentine's Day-inspired sweets (think: chocolates and chocolate-dipped fruit) throughout the event. "Present your guests with more opportunities for treats throughout your event," says Diana Chouinard, senior event planner and designer at Jubilee Events. Instead of featuring traditional floral décor, create interactive food stations with sweet treats and consider decorating tables with edible centerpieces guests can enjoy while mingling.

Draft something handwritten.

Not all favors have to be something guests can eat or use. "Add a personal touch to your dinner with a handwritten love note placed on each plate," suggests Christina Millikin, owner of Glow Events. Consider hiring a calligrapher to add that special touch to each note, giving your guests the option to have their personal memento framed.

stack of tic-tac-toe wood games next to roses

Choose his and hers options.

"A fun play on his and hers favors will leave your guests feeling ready for a big smooch!" says Heather Balliet, owner of Amorology. A lipstick bar with an assortment of shades and an XO tic-tac-toe game can be a way to incorporate fun and take the romance to the next level for your guests.

Hand out seasonal baked goodies.

You can't go wrong with freshly-baked treats when it comes to wedding favors, especially thematic ones. "Paula LeDuc Fine Catering once made little 'letter' shaped cookies with a tiny heart shape 'stamp' in the upper right corner, which revealed a delicious jam inside," says Amy Nichols, owner of Amy Nichols Special Events.

Break out the bubbly.

"There's no better way to share the love than by gifting guests mini bottles of Champagne," says Demi Meeker, senior event sales manager at Cannon Green. "Whether they're celebrating Valentine's Day with friends or a significant other, they'll be sure to remember the love shared on your big day," Meeker adds. Add personal tags to create a custom Valentine's Day touch.

Consider something heartfelt.

A personal favor handmade by the bride or groom always goes a long way and is especially thoughtful for a Valentine's Day wedding. "A personal offering from the couple-like petite pieces of pottery-is a unique gift that guests can use all year long," says Kelly Leonard, owner and lead producer at Event of the Season.


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