25 Pretty Ways to Use Lavender in Your Wedding

Photo: Meg Perotti

We love the flower for its look, scent, and taste. Get great ideas for using it here.

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Meg Perotti

There's a lot to love about lavender. Its delicate florets and purple-blue color are pretty and refined, and its scent is used by perfumers and aromatherapists alike. While the flower is certainly popular, however, brides and grooms may forget it when it comes to their big day. Lavender doesn't boast big, blooming petals, but it still has plenty to offer for your wedding. Whether used as an accent or all on its own, it's stunning and smells great. Overall, the plant has tons of potential, and we're here to show you why. Ahead, a list of genius ideas for using lavender in your wedding.

One of the prettiest ways to use the flower is by adding sprigs to your centerpieces or bouquets. Another favorite idea? Let the purple plant shine as a simple, uniform arrangement. You can ask your florist to create a bundle made entirely of lavender. The soothing scent is an added bonus—carry the bloom to calm your nuptial nerves. Alternatively, make wedding boutonnières with it—the groom and groomsmen will look and smell charming.

If you'd rather use it in another detail, consider small lavender accents. We've seen sprigs attached to all sorts of stationery, from invitations to place cards. In the beauty realm, add lavender to your flower crown, or even insert sprigs into your updo. Cakes can be elevated with lavender decorations, or even infused with its flavor!

Click through for visual inspiration and even more ideas for utilizing lavender. Not only is it pretty, but the plant also symbolizes devotion—what better message to send on your wedding day?

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Lavender Toss

Elizabeth Messina

It's not uncommon for guests to toss something once the bride and groom walk back up the aisle. At this wedding, they were given cones filled with sage, lavender, mint, and rosemary.

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Lavender Welcome Basket

Katie Stoops Photography

This welcome basket was filled with local goods, including lavender sachets.

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Lavender Bundles

Elizabeth Messina

For a fragrant ceremony aisle, try tying lavender bundles to inner chairs.

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Lavender Seating Display

lavender escort cards
Winsome + Wright

This seating card display, created by A Vintage Affair, included lavender and a whiskey crate for a rustic vibe.

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Lavender Flower Crown

jackie dave wedding flower crown
Dear Lovers Photography

This organic headpiece was made with roses, lavender, thistle, hellebores, and exploding grass.

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Lavender Invitations

haylie bradley wedding louisiana stationery
A Bryan Photo

Sprigs of lavender topped this engraved and foil-stamped invitation packet, which was designed by Lehr & Black.

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Lavender Farm

Sweet Little Photographs

Host your wedding at a lavender farm for a gorgeous, good-smelling backdrop. This one was held at Keys Creek.

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Lavender Cake

KT Merry

This delicious dessert had various layers: strawberry shortcake, tiramisu, and lavender-infused cake with lemon.

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Lavender Packaging

Elizabeth Messina Photography

Wrap up goods in simple twine with lavender as an accent. The packaging works well for everything from vow booklets to favors.

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Lavender Bridal Bouquet

bride with bouquet
The Happy Bloom

Sprigs of lavender were added to this bride's A to Zinnias bouquet.

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Lavender Arrangements

lavender in vase
Kristina Adams

Spruce up cocktail hour with lavender arrangements—this one was surprisingly modern.

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Lavender Escort Cards

summer wedding detail flower favors
Christian Oth Studio

Van Wyck & Van Wyck dreamed up these fresh lavender escort cards.

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Lavender Motifs

stationery details
Clayton Austin

Try adding small touches of lavender to different elements of your ceremony and reception, like illustrations on your stationery suite.

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Lavender Gift Tag

wedding details
Les Anagnou

Lavender flowers were glued to each welcome gift bag's name tag.

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Lavender Aisle Décor

lavender aisle
Kristina Adams

Beautify your ceremony space with simple lavender arrangements.

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Lavender Boutonnières

David Wright Weddings

Groomsmen at this wedding sported lavender, wax flower, blueberry, and rosemary boutonnières.

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Lavender Ceremony Arch

lavender floral arch
Olivia Leigh Photographie

Perfume a lush ceremony arch—like this one by Vale of Enna—with lavender.

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Lavender Chair Décor

lavender seating label
Lavender and Twine

Seats at this wedding were labeled with name tags and decorated with lavender sprigs.

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Lavender Favors

lavender scent
Greg Finck

Give guests a soothing takeaway by doling out lavender sprays. These came with matching favor bags by Clementine Weddings.

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Lavender Bridesmaids' Bouquets

lavender wedding ideas
Gert Huygaerts

Bridesmaids at this wedding carried lavender bouquets, supplied by D'amour et de Déco.

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Lavender Cocktails

wedding cocktail
Koby Brown

Lavender cocktails are sweet and refreshing—the perfect combination for a signature drink.

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Lavender Updo

flower hairdo
Koby Brown

This updo, by Sarah Al-Adwani, included lavender sprigs from Bows + Arrows.

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Lavender Accents

bike box flowers
Eliza Morrill Photography

Style your getaway with hints of lavender, like sprigs stashed in a bike basket.

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Lavender Cake Décor


This rustic cake, by Vanilla Bake Shop, was embellished with fondant rope, lavender, and other florals.

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Lavender Buds

lavender in basket
Ashley Seawell Photography

Swap rose petals with lavender buds—just be sure your flower girl isn't allergic!

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