Stay calm and let go.
Credit: Amanda Megan Miller Photography

It's hard to relinquish control of your look when you're in someone else's wedding-but it's imperative that you try to be a good sport throughout the entire process. While some brides may not care what hair and makeup look her 'maids choose, others will dictate a style ahead of time, asking that each woman is made up the same way. Some bridesmaids have a hard time going with the flow in this situation, but it's important to remember that it's not your day to make a fuss. Assuming the bride simply wants a certain type of hairstyle or makeup look (and isn't asking you to cut or dye your locks!), your best bet is to just go with it. Of course, there are some things you can do to feel more comfortable. Here are some dos and don'ts of being a bridesmaid in the makeup chair.

Do: Tell your makeup artist what your comfort level is.

Let the makeup professional know what your comfort level is. They'll be able to create a look that works for you and for the bride. For example, if you normally wear heavy coverage foundation and smoky eye-makeup, then it's important to let the artist know so that she doesn't do a very light look that you'll hate.

Don't: Make it all about you.

This is an important day in your friend's life. Remember that as you're getting ready. You've made it through the shower, the bachelorette, the dress shopping, and the engagement party. You're in the home stretch. This is the final show. You're a part of her bridal party, but you're not the bride. Your day will come. It's not today.

Do: Take off your makeup in the morning.

Whether it's your makeup leftover from last night's rehearsal dinner or the makeup you applied for the morning breakfast, it helps the schedule to flow when you have a clean face ready for makeup application. There's limited time per person for makeup, and having to waste time removing yesterday's mascara can be an annoying and time-consuming task for the artist.

Don't: Take off your makeup after it's been applied.

As a makeup artist, there's nothing worse than a client expressing her unhappiness regarding her makeup. Do not ask for your makeup to be done over, or for lashes to be taken off. There's usually a very tight schedule to be sure that everyone in the bridal party has time in the makeup chair, and it's not fair to anyone to take more than your fair share.

Do: Stay calm.

What might seem like a huge disaster (you hate your hair, a pimple on your chin isn't covered) is not as catastrophic as you think. It most certainly doesn't warrant upsetting the bride. Remember that the bride is mere hours away from walking down the aisle and is likely stressed and anxious. Find a solution to your beauty problem quietly and discreetly.


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