Looking for peonies in January? It'll cost you. Here, smart, seasonal alternatives to your favorite flowers.
Credit: Erin Kunkel

Sticking to in-season flowers makes sense budget-wise: If they're freshly available in your area, your florist won't have to ship them in from an out-of-state-or, in some cases, out-of-the-country-grower, in turn passing that added expense on to you. If budget is a concern (and when isn't it?), consider the following list of just-as-gorgeous options for the most popular big-day blooms.

Spring Flowers

Lilacs: They flower for only about three weeks each year, which means the aromatic favorite can be hard-and expensive-to come by other times of the year.

Off-Season Sub: Stock

Lilies of the Valley: Small in shape but packing a strong, sweet scent, these blooms resemble upside-down bells.

Off-Season Sub: Forget-me-nots

Peonies: The large, pillowy blooms have a short season, blooming only in May and June.

Off-Season Subs: Garden roses; dahlias

Sweet Peas: Delicate and dainty, the fragrant blossoms are a longstanding bridal favorite.

Off-Season Subs: Jasmine; monkshood

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Summer Flowers

Hydrangeas: They're big and bushy, and an ideal way to add a little heft to arrangements.

Off-Season Sub: Lilacs; any hardy flowering branches

Jasmine: The small star-shaped blooms are superstars in the heat, which makes them a good candidate for outdoor weddings.

Off-Season Subs: Stephanotis; star of Bethlehem

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Fall Flowers

Anemones: There are varieties that bloom in spring, but if you're marrying in cooler months, anemones-with their eye-catching centers-should be in abundance.

Off-Season Sub: Hellebore

Dahlias: They start appearing in late summer, but the spiky, lush petals cruise well into fall.

Off-Season Subs: Blooming clematis; garden roses

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Winter Flowers

Cymbidium Orchids: This orchid variety packs a tropical punch that belies its cold-weather hardiness.

Off-Season Sub: Gladiolus

Ranunculus: Becoming just as ubiquitous as the peony when it comes to bridal blooms, ranunculus has layers upon layers of thin, crepelike petals atop a thick, curvy stem.

Off-Season Subs: Small roses; trollies

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