A burnt guest is not a happy guest.

By Alyssa Brown
July 23, 2018

Sunshine, an icy drink, a cool breeze, and a wedding celebration seem to go hand-in-hand on hot summer days. It's important to remember that your outdoor wedding comes with the risk of guests soaking up too much vitamin D. That's why you may want to encourage sunscreen usage throughout the day. Here's a look at how to keep guests going back to the tube of SPF and keeping their beautiful skin safely aglow.

Include a bottle of SPF in the welcome bag.

If you're having a destination wedding or including welcome bags for guests staying at hotels during your wedding weekend, slip in a travel size sunscreen for an easy reminder to guests to slather on some SPF. Sun hats and caps are also a nice addition to welcome bags, especially for a weekend-long occasion.

Have sunscreen available at all outdoor events and venues.

You'll want to be sure to have sunscreen on hand at all wedding events that take place outdoors. They can be stashed in the restrooms, at the ceremony, at cocktail hour, and at the reception. If guests will be in an area under direct sun for any length of time, you might have a table stocked with things to keep cool, including cold water and lemonade, handheld fans, and parasols.

Offer a variety of different options.

For sunscreen placed in restrooms or at venues, it's usually best to use large bottles and offer a variety of options for guests. Different SPF levels, spray and squeeze bottles, child- and face-friendly, organic options, and sunscreen wipes should all be on offer. By providing options, there will surely be something everyone feels comfortable using.

Make it fun.

If your wedding is in a location where reapplying sunscreen throughout the event is key, you might opt to bring in sunshine butlers. You can have a couple of butler trays stocked with all the fixings to keep cool, which the waiters can bring out a few times throughout the wedding festivities. Maybe there are cocktails on one butler's tray and SPF and handheld fans on the other.


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