Gum paste is a flexible, edible, tintable material that can be rolled and shaped much like Play-Doh. It and the modeling tools we used can be found at many cake- and candy-making shops; here is one online source: SugarCraft. Or try Global Sugar Art.


Tools and Materials

Rolling pin

Gum paste

Plastic spoons

Petal cutter: Holland Tulip Cutter Set (SV-009), $22, Global Sugar Art


1. Using a rolling pin, roll out a thin sheet of gum paste onto a special board made for crafting sugar-paste leaves and petals. We used a CelBoard by CelCakes.

Carefully peel the sheet off the board and flip it over, so that the lines feel like a bump. Then press a tulip cookie cutter into the gum paste; the line should bisect the shape.

2. Place petals on a foam flower mat (we used a CelPad). Using a ball tool, press on the edges of each petal to thin it. As you do, the edges will naturally ruffle and curl a bit.


3. Place each petal inside a plastic spoon, gently molding it into a cupped shape.

Let dry in the spoon for 30 to 60 minutes. (Since it's efficient to make all the gum-paste flowers in a single session, remove the handles of the plastic spoons in order to make more room on the table.)

To attach to a fondant-covered cake, use stiff royal icing as a "glue."


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