Groom's Cigar Box

Give him something he can enjoy for many future milestones. This DIY chest created by Jen Carreiro of Something Turquoise comes together with a simple shading technique, wood staining, and free downloadable labels.

Photo: Mike Carreiro Photography


Mike Carreiro Photography


1. Print the "His Cigars" clip art, or another design you like, and use scissors to trim the paper to fit the box lid.

Mike Carreiro Photography

2. Color the backside of the printed design with a pencil.

Mike Carreiro Photography

3. Tape the printout face up to the top of the box and carefully trace the entire design to transfer it onto the box.

Mike Carreiro Photography

4. Remove the tape and paper; you should see a simple outline of your design.

5. Fill in your design with a permanent marker. Don't worry about the ink bleeds and imperfections, as they won't be as obvious once the wood has been stained.

Mike Carreiro Photography

6. Before you begin staining, protect your surface with paper and your hands with gloves. Then, using a piece of muslin cloth, wipe the stain onto the box until it is completely covered. For a darker stain, add a second coat after about an hour.

Mike Carreiro Photography

7. When the stain is dry, cut your felt pieces so they will fit inside the box and set aside.

8. Add a generous amount of glue to the bottom of the inside of the box, then place your felt on top of the glue. Repeat for the the top half of the box. Let the glue dry and air out for at least 48 hours.

Mike Carreiro Photography

9. Download and print the "special occasions" cigar labels onto a label sheet and cut around each one.

Mike Carreiro Photography

10. Wrap a label around your choice of cigars. There are labels for the following events: Bachelor Party, Wedding Night, One Year Anniversary, First Promotion, First House, and First Child.

Mike Carreiro Photography

11. Place the labeled cigars into the box.

Mike Carreiro Photography

12. Print the "groom card" design onto cardstock, write a special note, and adhere it to the inside of the box with glue dots.

Mike Carreiro Photography
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