19 Foolproof Ways to Keep Kids Busy at Your Wedding

vasthy mason wedding bride with kids
Photo: Emma Mead

Get genius ideas for hosting your celebration's youngest guests, from playful children's tables to kid-friendly games.

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vasthy mason wedding bride with kids
Emma Mead

So, you've decided to host kids at your wedding. Congratulations—they're bound to make it extra special! Remember, though, it's not as easy as including them in your invitations. To ensure they have the best time (without disrupting yours or your adult guests') you'll have to put thought into accommodating them. Luckily, it can be surprisingly easy to keep children entertained. Just turn to these kids' wedding activity ideas!

You've probably heard of a "kids' table" before—as have your little attendees. But simply designating a special area for children isn't enough. In fact, if you aren't careful, they might dread or resent being separated from the rest of the crowd! Children's tables work best when they come with toys, crafts, or other forms of entertainment. Kid-friendly furniture is always a plus, too—for examples, browse the following slides.

Alternative options include wedding games for kids, a mouthwatering kids' menu, and play stations. We've got the inspiration for those, too. Really, it comes down to catering to your specific crew—consider their age(s) and interests. You'll also need to plan around your overall event design—some options might integrate better than others.

Whether you're hosting your flower girl and ring bearer, your younger relatives, your friends' kids, or even your own, there are genius ideas for you ahead. Take a peek and decide what'll best delight your young celebrants. Then, see if your vendors can help you execute something similar. Of course, no matter what you choose, parental permission and child supervision are very important!

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Children's Tent

jen geoff wedding kids play tent
Kate Headley

What can we say—kids adore play tents! Pamela Barefoot organized this one, which included hula hoops, crates of other activities, and comfy cushions and rugs to sit on.

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Kids' Meal

hannah chris wedding north garden va kids food
Ryan Ray

Serve up their favorite food. (A full belly usually means a happy kid.) We're obsessed with how this Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards fare came on cafeteria-style trays.

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Play Instruments

kids entertainment ideas toy drums in basket
Tory Williams

Kids also love to make some noise, so let them! We recommend introducing play instruments at a time when it's appropriate to make a ruckus—like when the newlyweds are recessing down the aisle or headed off for their honeymoon.

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kids entertainment ideas sparklers black and white
Mackensey Alexander Photography

Here's another send-off idea that gets children involved. Ask the youngsters to wave sparklers during the couple's exit.

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Amateur Photography

wedding guests taking photo
Lacie Hansen Photography

At this wedding, guests—including kids—had access to Instax cameras. Not only was everybody entertained, but they helped the bride and groom capture their event from unique perspectives.

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Interactive Centerpieces

kids entertainment ideas interactive dinosaur centerpieces
Mackensey Alexander Photography

Turn your decorations into activities. This adorable kids' table featured toy reptiles, which Ivory & Beau used as entertaining centerpieces.

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Sack Races

Elizabeth Messina Photography

Sack races are a classic children's pastime. Plus, they're super easy to incorporate into an outdoor big day.

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Coloring Sheets

kids entertainment ideas coloring sheets and crayons
Hart of Grace Photography

You can't go wrong with crafts like coloring sheets. These clipboards—inspired by Something Turquoise—held wedding-themed pages by Julia Ensign.

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Prop Area

wedding kids playing
Mariel Hannah Photography

Set up a kids' room or station filled with props they can play with—dress-up outfits are highly encouraged.

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Building Blocks

kids entertainment ideas building blocks basket
Susie and Becky Photography

It's easy to get preoccupied with building blocks like Legos—which works in your favor if you're looking for a way to distract little ones.

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Play Fort

Jesse Chamberlin/Our Labor of Love

You really don't need much to keep kids busy. These children (and the groomsmen!) had a blast making pillow forts.

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Activity Tables

kids entertainment ideas outdoor activity tables
Jeremy Chou

These low Dorothy Rose Events tables were easily accessible—plus, kids enjoy anything novel. In turn, getting to sit on the ground was undoubtedly exciting. The seating areas also came equipped with baskets of activities.

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Kids' Bar

hannah chris wedding north garden va kids refreshments
Ryan Ray

Don't forget about refreshments. Give the children their own cocktail hour bar stocked with non-alcoholic beverages. Fancy paper straws made this Simply Chic Events one all the more appealing.

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Picnic Baskets

patriotic party picnic basket boy
Kate Headley

For a casual wedding, try a kids' picnic. They can set up shop in a designated area on your venue's property (within eye's view of their parents or another supervisor, of course). Pineapple Productions planned these baskets.

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Giant Games

kids playing jenga at wedding
Liam Smith Photography

These tots were occupied with a giant version of a classic game: Jenga. How fun is that?

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Outdoor Activities

wedding kids tent
Chelsea Diane Photography

This reception (planned by Antonia Christianson) benefited from a kids' tent, too. It came stocked with tools for outdoor enjoyment.

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Snack Packs

amy mark california popcorn crayons kids
Rachel Thurston

Entertainment isn't just for the reception. Keep children content during the ceremony with snacks—this bride provided popcorn.

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patriotic party smores
Kate Headley

Combine two ideas in one and turn kid-friendly food into a fun activity. Making s'mores is the perfect example: they're interactive and tasty.

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Fun Signage

kids entertainment ideas fun colorful sign
Remember Happiness Photographie

And finally—the easiest way to keep kids occupied? Convince them the activities you've provided are the cool thing to do.

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