The 7 Most Popular Types of Wedding Centerpieces, Explained

texas wedding floral centerpieces
Photo: Josh and Dana Fernandez

Here, florists explain a few common shape and size options—from what they look like to who they're best for.

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texas wedding floral centerpieces
Josh and Dana Fernandez

The world of wedding flowers can be confusing. There are bloom names to learn, there's seasonality to consider, and there are color palettes to decide on, among other things. Trust us, we know it's a lot to tackle! If you're feeling overwhelmed, we recommend starting with the basics, like what style of arrangements you're looking for. Not sure what your options are? Not a problem. We're here to provide a simple guide that outlines seven of the most popular kinds of wedding centerpieces.

First things first: This 101 is broken down by common heights, sizes, and shapes, rather than themes or aesthetics. That being said, every style listed aligns with a certain vibe. In fact, we've asked two florists to weigh in on each option: Alicia Rico of Bows + Arrows and Inessa Nichols of Inessa Nichols Design. Together, they paint a picture of who might like each type, plus what kind of wedding each could work for.

Maybe you're a glamorous couple—in that case, consider tall wedding centerpieces. Maybe, you're a modern couple—if that sounds like you, try hanging wedding centerpieces. Or maybe, you can't decide between two looks—if so, combine them. The arrangement pictured (by Bows + Arrows) is a mix of low, lush, and garland styles, for example. Here, we provide brief explanations of all those centerpiece types, as well as the remaining two. Compare the possibilities and share your favorite (or favorites) with your floral designer, who will help you bring your vision to life.

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Low Wedding Centerpieces

sara ryan wedding philadelphia tables
Redfield Photography

Low centerpieces sit close to the table—often in bowls or similar vessels. Both florists agree that traditional couples are drawn to the classic style, but these modern Fivefork Farms arrangements prove its versatile.

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Tall Wedding Centerpieces

jermaine scott wedding dc table
Abby Jiu Photography

Elevated arrangements are typically placed in tall vessels, like flare vases. They're great for glamorous weddings—Nichols recommends them for a "ballroom-style couple." Amaryllis Floral & Event Design crafted these ones.

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Small Wedding Centerpieces

brittany craig wedding centerpiece and runner
Sara Richardson Photography

Bud vases are a common choice for small centerpieces, which can be anything from timelessly refined to modernly minimalist. Choose them for understated table décor, says Nichols. We like these ones, by Florenta Flower Design.

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Large Wedding Centerpieces

tillie dalton wedding reception table setting
Mariel Hannah Photography

The lush arrangements are characterized by their overgrown look (check out this Poppy Design Co. example). They like to live in compotes, and they're especially popular at romantic events.

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Hanging Wedding Centerpieces

wedding centerpiece types hanging greenery
Braedon Photography

Overhead installments are arranged above, rather than on, reception tables. According to Nichols, they're great for couples who think "outside the box." Her company actually created this greenery version.

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Garland Wedding Centerpieces

rob franco wedding table
Bonnie Sen Photography

Garland-style centerpieces are placed down reception tables like runners, as demonstrated by these Layered Vintage ones. "This is a more natural, effortless, and intimate approach" to event design, explains Rico.

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Assorted Wedding Centerpieces

wedding centerpiece
The Edges Wedding Photography

Mismatched arrangements (like these Posey Floral + Event Design centerpieces) fall into this category, which Rico calls eclectic. Choose them to add "lots of depth and layers" to your reception tables, she says.

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