The bride chose you to stand by her side for a reason.

By Ellie Finn
January 31, 2019
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There's no doubt about it: Being asked to serve as someone's bridesmaid is a big honor, but with big honor comes big responsibility. Sure, the bride-to-be wanted you to be an attendant because she loves you and couldn't imagine such a special day happening without you there, but also because she knows you're going to be a major help in the months, weeks, days, and minutes leading up to the wedding. While touring venues, stuffing invitations, and offering your opinions on everything from the dress to the cake are certainly part of the job, she's also counting on you to be there for her when times get tough. To ensure you live up to her expectations, check out our top five tips for being the supportive bridesmaid ever.

Be enthusiastic.

Bride or not, we're all human. We want to feel like the people we love most are happy for us when we're happy. That's why simply showing enthusiasm for this momentous time in your friend's life is a seemingly small gesture that can go a big way. Whether it's a simple "Two months left until the wedding!" text or a thoughtful gift, showing up with a smile goes a long way.

Offer specific help.

Some brides really, really want help from their bridesmaids, but they're so overwhelmed that they don't even know how to start calling in backup. Take the pressure off of her by asking if there's anything you can do. Even better: Make your asks specific. Offer to handle some items on her to-do list, like scheduling appointments at venues or bridal salons, helping her map out the seating chart, or making a run to the craft store for all those DIY essentials.

Be a buffer.

If you detect a problem brewing, do your best to solve it before it gets to the bride. Whether it's animosity among bridesmaids, a cancelled dinner reservation, or a sold-out dress, be part of the solution! You won't get recognition in the moment, but you can rest easy knowing you made the bride's day that much easier.

Keep an eye out.

If you know the bride is on the hunt for wedding shoes, tag her in the pair you saw on Instagram or swing by the shoe department when you're already at the mall. It doesn't take much effort from you, but it's a reminder to her that you've got her back on issues large and small.

Know her limits.

At some point ahead of the wedding, the bride is likely to fall into the black hole of planning. Take it upon yourself to drag her out of it with a fun night free of any wedding talk. Remember, these hang out sessions are the reason you're one of her VIPs in the first place, and no amount of venue searching could possibly get in the way of that.


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