30 Monochromatic Wedding Bouquets

white bouquet
Photo: Aaron Delesie

Sticking to one color for your bridal bouquet doesn't mean it'll be one-note. In fact, it could mean your flowers make even more of a statement.

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white bouquet
Aaron Delesie

By definition, monochromatic means made of only one color or hue. In the world of weddings, that could mean one incredibly chic color palette. Whether you're considering a monochromatic color scheme for your ceremony and reception, single-colored stationery, or—our favorite—a monochrome wedding bouquet, know that sticking to just one shade doesn't mean you're creating a look that's one-note. Adding depth or airiness without adding other colors is easy enough to accomplish with most colors in the spectrum: You can play up your chosen color by adding in neighboring hues or going either slightly lighter or darker.

If you're not sold on the idea of an entirely monochromatic celebration, start with just your personal flowers. Monochromatic bouquets are chic, trendy, and are sure to draw the eye in. Whether you base your blooms off of your wedding's overall color scheme or the common shades that your favorite flowers are available in, we firmly believe that a single-toned bouquet is always a good idea. With so many incredible blooms to choose from, you can go with a single type—say, all garden roses—or mix it up with a slew of nature's finest offerings in the same shade. This David Stark bouquet is a stunning example. The pro used white and ivory roses, dinner-plate dahlias, miniature ball-dahlias, clematis, campanula, and ranunculus. Although different, each of the warm whites played beautifully with the rest of the blooms.

Click through to get inspired by more incredible monochromatic bouquets. Here you'll find everything from all-white arrangements to super vibrant clutches that every bride will love.

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Something Blue

blue bouquet sms photography lastpetal
SMS Photography

Why not turn your bouquet into your "something blue?" Last Petal used several types of blue blooms—muscari, orchids, and thistle to name a few—in this cool clutch.

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Going Green

wedding bouquet
Elizabeth Messina Photography

You might not think of green as a popular color for a bridal bouquet, but after seeing this one by Molly Ryan Floral you'll probably think twice. Lady's slipper orchids, hellebores, and ferns showcased texture and style in this single-hued arrangement.

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Mellow Yellow

monochromatic bouquet yellow flowers
Tara McMullen Photography

With you work with a color like yellow, the gradient—from the palest buttery tone to a vibrant goldenrod—is so beautiful that it deserves to be celebrated. That's exactly what Sweet Woodruff did here.

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A Cascade of White

Liz Banfield

Tara Guérard Soirée proves that a truly single-colored bouquet can be supremely elegant. This one was made from just orchids and roses, and the final look was striking.

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Pretty in Peach

monochromatic bouquet peach orange flowers
Jen Huang Photography

A variety of roses in varying shades of peach made this bouquet by Poppy's Petalworks a true beauty. If you like the idea of using just one type of flower (in addition to just one color), try incorporating several sizes to achieve a unique mix.

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Think Pink

monochromatic bouquet pink flowers
Our Labor of Love

There are so many pink blooms to choose from, so feel free to stick to that color if you love it. Here, Siren Floral Co. celebrated everything from the palest blush pink all to a nearly-fuchsia shade.

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Wed with Red

fall wedding bouquet
Patrick Moyer

Giant red peonies were combined with garden roses and scabiosa for this statement-making bridal bouquet by Oak and the Owl.

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Crimson Pride

monochromatic bouquet deep red flowers
Ryon/Lockhart Photography

This bouquet by Earth Blossoms Floral Design shows that going dark can still be dreamy and pretty. Mostly crimson in color, this arrangement celebrates the darker shades of the color spectrum. Its mix of flower shapes makes it even more graphic.

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Purple Power

monochromatic bouquet purple flowers
Susie and Becky Photography

If you're showcasing a wide spectrum within the same color family—like this bouquet by Petals by the Shore, which included a variety of different purple tones—spread them out in a wide, wild arrangement.

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Black Is the New Pink

monochromatic bouquet black flowers
Josh and Dana Fernandez

This bouquet by Flower Power Productions proves that the opposite of an all-white bouquet can be just as bridal. The dark scabiosa, calla lilies, and dahlias included here were accented with black-centered anemones.

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All White, All Right

monochromatic bouquet white flowers
Caroline Yoon Photography

White bouquets are perhaps the most classic choice for a bride, and with this creation by Kelly Lenard, we understand why. Add texture with a mix of flower sizes and petal style. This combination included Veronica, sweet pea, and roses.

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You're Golden

monochromatic bouquet gold flowers
Sotiris Tsakanikas

Having a fall wedding? Or perhaps you're just a fan of warm earth tones? Then consider a petite bouquet, like this one by Betty Flowers, packed with warm ivory hydrangea and light gold leaves. The petals and leaves play well together and feel like they were meant to be united.

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Greenery Only

Rachel Thurston Photography

One way to go monochromatic? Only use greenery. Teresa Sena gathered native ferns in this flower-free bridal bouquet.

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A Plant Bouquet

Christy Cassano-Meyer

Another approach to an all-green bouquet is one made up of air plants (also known as tillandsia). Solabee Flowers designed this non-traditional bouquet and we love how it pops against the bride's lace dress.

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Oh So Orange

monochromatic bouquet bright orange flowers
Hillary Muelleck Photography

Sego Floral celebrated all things orange in this cheerful clutch of poppies, ranunculas, and dahlias. We love that the yellow centers on those poppies still fit within the color palette.

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Warm Pinks

ranunculus wedding bouquet
Laura Murray Photography

If your favorite color is pink, choose a bouquet made up of everything from peach peonies to coral ranunculus, just like Bare Root Flora did here.

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All Pink Roses

red-and-pink wedding bouquet
McCune Photography

What's more romantic than a bouquet of roses? Inviting Occasion shows off the classic flower in this bouquet, which ranged from the softest blush to a punchy hot pink.

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Lovely in Lilac

monochromatic bouquet lilac flowers
A Guy + A Girl Photography

Lilac naturally fluctuates in color, but because of its tiny petals and the way it's clustered, a bouquet of the purple flower is anything but boring.

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Precious Peonies

jannicke paal france wedding bridal bouquet
Greg Finck

Miss Rose by Perrine put white peonies at the center of this bouquet, adding in a few other white blooms (and a couple of sprigs of greenery) for a monochromatic and classic-meets-modern look.

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Get Red-y

monochromatic bouquet red flowers
Christina McNeill

Warm up your wedding with shades of pink, coral, and red. This bouquet by Cherries Flowers reminds us of a stunning sunset.

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Pops of Plum

bride and groom
Luna de Mare

Oak and the Owl included all shades of purple—from a blue-toned clematis all the way to a deep, plummy colored anemone—and the end result was delightful.

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A Fashionable Red Bouquet

wedding bouquet
Corbin Gurkin

Inspired by the bride's red floral dress, Pina Cate created a bouquet to match, using red anemones and ranunculus.

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A Little Sparkle

white bouquet
Audra Wrisley Photography

Everything about this bouquet by Victoria Clausen Floral Events was monochromatic—the white calla lilies, the satin ribbon, and the silver brooch that adorned the stems.

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Neutral and Natural

macrame wedding decor ashley hawkes
Hawkeye Photography

A dried arrangement of desaturated hues can be just as special as a live and lively one. The Pear Blossom created this golden bouquet using dried eucalyptus and pampas grass.

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Pink Posies

monochromatic bouquet pink flowers
Michelle Beller Photography

Camellia Floral Design used medium-toned pink peonies and paler ranunculus in this bride's dreamy bouquet.

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Only Orchids

Corbin Gurkin

Matthew Robbins only used one flower in this bride's clutch—a phalaenopsis orchid—and one color. "[The bride] wanted something bold and cascading but unfussy, so using only one variety of orchid kept the more dramatic and classic cascade very fresh and unique," says Matthew. Using one flower is a great way to ensure the monochromatic look truly comes through, and orchids are a fun and unique flower that can hold their own in a single-bloom clutch.

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Orange You Glad

Keira Lemonis Photography

This bride worked with her friend Rachael Weiner of Stripes & Florals to create a bouquet with flowers that were entirely her favorite color. The clutch featured orange ranunculus, seeded eucalyptus, astrantia, and some sprigs of sage.

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A Blue Solution

Harwell Photography

Blue florals can be tough to find, especially if you want an all-blue bouquet rather than splashes of the color. Hydrangeas are a great solution as they always look full and beautiful on their own, and come in a few different shades of blue. This bride chose to carry a bouquet of muted blue hydrangeas from Fishers Flowers.

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White and Fluffy

Elizabeth Messina Photography

If you're going for a truly classic look, embrace the all-white look. "I loved having a monochrome bouquet," recalled this bride. "The feathers added for a touch of glamour and personality!" Her clutch from Stoneblossom Florals & Event Design was soft and elegant, featuring ranunculus, sweet pea, and feathers.

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