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The holidays should be a time of year filled with gathering loved ones, celebrating, and enjoying each other's company. But inevitably, this time of year often comes with a lot of stress. Planning and hosting holiday dinners, gift exchanges, and attending various work-related holiday events can leave anyone feeling drained and possibly overstuffed. Add the stress of planning a wedding on top of that, and you're sure to burn out fast. Instead of sinking into a black hole of wedding anxiety, let yourself off easy and take a much-needed wedding planning break. Here's why you should put the planning on the back-burner during the holiday season.

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You and Your Fiancé Need a Planning Break

You and your fiancé can probably use a couple of weeks without talking about anything wedding-related. As much fun as it can be to plan a wedding, there's a lot going on outside your wedding that could likely use just as much attention. By taking a little time to neglect the wedding plans, you'll be able to get on track with some things you've been ignoring over the past few months. Maybe this means you'll be able to sneak in a little more hang time with friends, or maybe you and your fiancé can go on a couple of day trips you've had on your list for a while. Take the time to reconnect. The wedding to-do list will always be there when you get back.

How To Do It

Whether your wedding is ten months away or two weeks after the holidays, you've likely earned and need a break. The best way to go about taking a bit of time off the planning is to actually do a little extra work ahead of time. Set a deadline in early December to have any outstanding contracts signed off on and let all of your vendors know you'll be out of reach for the last two weeks of the month. If they have any outstanding questions for you, they'll need to get to them prior to this date or wait until after the holidays for responses. This might sound like you're being difficult, but your vendors will be happy to not worry about your wedding during this time frame.

Your Vendors Need a Break

You might think that your vendors are used to working 24/7 since they signed up for a life in the event world, but you'd be surprised how many vendors actually take this time off if they're able to. There's an unspoken out-of-office assumption among most wedding planners, florists, and caterers from the week of Christmas to the week following New Year's Eve. While offices may not necessarily be closed, most event industry folks are either working remotely or they're on-site for some of their biggest events of the year.

Holiday parties in the corporate world can get really crazy for people working in the event industry, so the first couple of weeks of December can be equally tough to get information out of your vendors. Depending on the timing of your wedding, you might find that some vendors prefer to put your wedding on hold throughout the month of December. Try to have this conversation in November so you know what to expect and can take care of anything outstanding prior to the big break.

Make the Commitment

It may never seem easy to take the time off from planning your wedding. To-do lists can be treacherous and hard to get through, but trust us, all those nagging tasks do eventually get done. If you have a wedding planner, be sure to have a good chat early in the planning process to ensure that you'll be able to take some time away from task management during the holidays. They'll likely be able to guide you through anything that can't be ignored, and can plan your to-do list accordingly. The bigger issue will be your commitment to taking time off. You may doubt this decision, but if you stick with it, you'll surely reap the relaxing rewards.

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