To make the Just Married sign used at Jayme and Chris's Wedding, print the PDF templates with the letter onto card stock in the color of your choice.

1. Using a craft knife and a metal straight edge, cut the cardstock into rectangles, using the guide marks on the edge of the paper (do not cut all the way to the edge of the paper; this will keep the guide marks from being lost as you make subsequent cuts).

2. Use a slot paper punch (we got ours at to cut 2 holes in the blank area above the number. Place each the same distance in from the edge, and duplicate the placement on each subsequent card. (Make-it-easy tip: Print 1 extra number on normal printer paper, and cut out. Fold it in half vertically, and draw a line 1-1/8" in from the outside edge. Position the punch along this line, about 1" from the top edge. Punch through both layers. Unfold the number, smooth out its crease, and use as a master template for punching card stock.)

3. Thread a ribbon through the slots to connect the cards, and attach ribbon to the car or wall.


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