Their responses may surprise you.
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Most women ask family members and friends to serve as their bridesmaids because they simply can't imagine not being surrounded by those who matter most on such a special day. But we've all heard those horror stories about friendships that break down following the wedding, causing women to worry about asking anyone to be a bridesmaid. That begs the question: How many brides are still close with the same women a year after the wedding? What about five years? Or a decade later? Here, five brides confess exactly how close they are with their wedding party now that the festivities are over, and their responses may surprise you.

According to Katie J., who was married in 2015, she and her eight bridesmaids are still incredibly close. She even still sees her two flower girls regularly. If four years doesn't convince you, though, consider Lindsay W.'s experience. "I am absolutely still friends with my bridal party," she says of the bridesmaids from her 2013 wedding. "I knew these were forever friends. And I knew I cared much more about those friendships than I did what they wore, how they did their hair, how much they could spend on a bachelorette party. I've seen many bridges burned over high demands from a bride, so I hope I was grateful for their participation and considerate of their situations."

Janel C., who tied the knot in 2012, still counts all seven of her 'maids close confidants. "I'm currently looking for a home in the same town as my maid of honor, and I am still best friends with my childhood friends who were in my wedding," she says. For Maryanne O., who was married in 2006, staying close with her bridesmaids was easy: She asked just her sister, best friend, and future cousin-in-law to stand by her side on the big day. The small group-that consisted largely of family-meant it was easy to stay in regular contact.

Best of all, Bethany M., who was married in 2001, says she's still close with her bridesmaids today, nearly two decades after her wedding. "I am surprised to say that I am still close with all of them. We have all been through our ups and downs in our relationships together, but even though I was only 19 when I chose them to stand up with me, I would still do it again today," she says. Moral of the story? Most women go on to share long, loving friendships with their bridesmaids, so ask away!


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