Loved ones want to celebrate your happy news but when should the festivities take place?
Credit: Troy Grover

After hearing that you're engaged, the first thing people will ask is, "When's the wedding?" But what they really should be asking is, "When's the engagement party?" That celebration will be the first official acknowledgment of your new status and the kickoff to a bevy of other wedding-related bashes. If you're having multiple engagement parties (thrown by different people with different guest lists), the dates need to be coordinated since you can't be in two places at once! Here's what you need to know about timing.

Wait awhile.

In your excitement to get the whole wedding planning thing rolling, you might think you've got to have an engagement party on the calendar soon after the proposal. But there's no need to rush it; instead, it's a better idea to enjoy being engaged for a little while. Life will be getting hectic as you start planning the wedding in the coming months so cherish those weeks of nothing to do but be in love!

But don't wait too long.

You want to have the party when the news is still fresh. Assuming the wedding is a year or so away, holding the engagement party within the first few months would be a good idea. You'll be relaxed and won't be super busy with serious wedding planning just yet.

Give your parents priority.

Sometimes a couple will have several engagement parties-one hosted by her parents for family members, another thrown by the couple's pals. And there could be a third celebration if the groom's parents want to have one, too (maybe it would be impractical to attend the bride's parents' party because of distance). Whatever the number of parties, your parents traditionally are given the first opportunity to celebrate the good news.


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