9 Bachelorette Party Games That Are Totally Classy

If you want to surprise your bride-to-be with a classy, understated night out, these fun bachelorette party games will do the trick.

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When it comes to the bachelorette party, not every bride-to-be is seeking a girls-gone-wild evening on the town. But it is still the maid of honor's role to make certain the "last fling before the ring" is a truly entertaining one. Rachel Harrison of Chillisauce, a London-based events company that specializes in bachelorette and bachelor parties, shared these never-fail activities that will make for a memorable yet classy bachelorette party. Warning: There may still be some blushing involved!

Pop the Questions

If you only play one game at a bachelorette party, this has to be it. You'll need to rope in the groom-to-be to pull this one off. The aim of the game is to "test" the bride to see just how well she knows her future husband. With the cooperation of the groom, devise a set of questions to ask her about him (nothing too sensitive!). Tip: You can step this up a notch by having guests wager bets on how many the bride will get right.

Bridal Truth or Dare

Make it official by creating a pack of cards. Some of the cards will have a question on the front, and others will have a dare. Do include a few romantic questions, and make the dares as embarrassing as you like, from demonstrating a signature dance move to asking a guy at the bar to buy you a drink. Create an easy out by making certain each card has a forfeit on the back should someone refuse either one.

Scavenger Huntress

Get back to your childhood with a scavenger hunt. Split the ladies into teams and supply each team with a list of items to acquire-but not buy. Include some wedding-related items, such as "something blue," a homemade ring made of scavenged material, or a photo of where the couple first met or kissed. Decide on a deadline and a meeting place, and then set the ladies off in search of treasure. A true bonding activity, it'll get everyone talking and laughing, and it's perfect for working up an appetite.

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Baking Bliss

Help the bachelorette satisfy her sweet tooth with a baking class. Start from scratch or simply get some ready-made plain cupcakes or cookies and have fun icing them. Make it a competition to see who can ice the best, or turn it up a notch by challenging the guests to see how provocative they can make the frosting designs. In keeping with the baking theme, ask each guest to bring a signed index card with her most-beloved recipe. Compile them into a recipe box or book for the bride to keep.

Banned Words

Fun, easy, and as naughty as you like, choose a list of words that cannot be spoken throughout the night. Make sure you choose words that are hard to avoid! You get to decide how severe the penalty is for breaking the rules, such as doing a shot, paying a fine, or doing a dare.

'Maids Charades

To play this unique hybrid of charades and telephone, make a list of ordinary daily activities (such as driving or cooking) and split your bachelorettes into two separate groups. Everyone from Group A must leave the room-except for one person. Tell this person which activity they will have to act out to the rest of their group.

The actor must demonstrate the charade to another member of her group in less than 30 seconds. That member will in turn act it out to the next member of her group as she has interpreted it. The process continues until everyone from Group A has acted out the charade for each other, and the last person in the group must guess what the action is supposed to be. See just how lost the team can get, before Group B has a turn doing the same thing.


Cocktail Mistress

Before the night begins, try out everyone's mixing skills with the help of a professional mixologist at a cocktail master class. Each guest can work on their own creations or plan a recipe together to invent a special bespoke cocktail for the bride-to-be (she could even use it as a wedding cocktail!). With plenty of tasting opportunities as everyone mixes their drinks, they're sure to be in high spirits when it's time to hit the town.

Nuptial Never Have I Ever …

This game gets everyone's attention. With a drink in hand, take turns making a personal confession, such as: "Never have I ever … made out in public." If someone in the group has done what the speaker hasn't, she must take a sip of their drink. (And she may be asked to relay her story!)

Little White Lies

Can they spot a liar? Test their skills (and your own lying prowess) with this amusing party game. Have the girls alternate sharing two pieces of personal information about themselves-one of which is a truth, and the other, a lie. Can the group guess which one is the lie? Ask as many tricky and awkward follow-up questions as you can, and see who cracks first!

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