See the singer's new sparkler.
Christina Perri and Paul Costabile

Christina Perri, singer of popular wedding hit and total tear-jerker "A Thousand Years," is ready to have her own first dance song! The artist just got engaged to Paul Costabile and shared her ring on Instagram.

On Wednesday night, Perri announced the news, 'gramming "paul asked me to marry him tonight & i said yes!" The snapshot gave a glimpse of her new engagement ring, which features a single diamond in a unique setting. Costabile, an on-air host, took to social media as well, writing "I knew I wanted to ask this girl to marry me the day she walked into the green screen for an interview almost 4 years ago." "I finally asked her right here tonight and she said yes !!!" the personality added.

Though the couple keeps mostly to themselves, they've hinted at the magnitude of their bond in the past. At the start of this month, Perri gave Costabile a birthday shout out, calling the interviewer the love of her life.

Will Perri sing her trendy nuptial tune to her hubby-to-be on their special day? We're thinking that might be a little cliché, but hey, if anyone has the right to do it, it's the star of the song herself! Regardless, we're guessing that the celebration will be romantic-how can it not be with all those love ballads in her repertoire?


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