A Trend We're Loving: Twig and Branch Wedding Décor

twig branch hanging wedding decor
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When it comes to wedding décor and floral arrangements there's more to consider than just flowers. Have you thought about the role twigs and branches could play in your design plans? Beyond blooms, tree limbs are being used more and more throughout today's couple's big days—and definitely deserve a place in your own. From desserts decorated with twigs to ceremony arches composed of branches, we love the idea of using every part of a tree to create an unexpected statement at your celebration.

Beyond aesthetics, budget is another reason to consider adding twig and branch accents to your design plans. Fresh blooms are big-ticket items, in part because of their fragility. Since branches are heartier and more readily available, they'll help stretch your décor budget even further. Wondering how to add twig or branch elements to your own wedding design? Take notes from this Oak Celebrations installation: The pros used wooden branches to create a hanging focal point over the head table at this event hosted at The Venue. If you'd rather incorporate twigs into your ceremony, add wood (and the texture this medium brings with it) to your bridal bouquet, like one bride did ahead.

Versatility is yet another reason to think about utilizing twigs and branches at your party. From boho weddings to classic ones, there's room at any event, regardless of its style, for these organic touches. While a bohemian bride might use twigs, accented with other dried foliage, in a loose bouquet, a modern ikebana-style centerpiece is a great way to bring the trend into a sleek, contemporary celebration.

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Cake Décor

berried twig branch on naked cake
Sara Weir Photography

If you're hosting an intimate wedding, but still want a statement cake, recreate this semi-naked confection from The Good Cookie. The petite one-tier still had an over-the-top presence thanks to twig and berry accents from Pavan Floral.

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Floating Centerpiece

floating twig branch centerpiece over table
Jeremy Chou Photography

Looking for a creative way to reimagine your reception centerpieces? Natalie Choi Events and Wild Club Design creatively suspended a greenery-laden branch above this table; the installation instantly elevated (pun intended!) the whole setting.

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Cake Table

cake table with twig branch decoration
Jen Huang Photography

A dessert table doesn't actually have to be covered in an abundance of sugary treats. If you only plan to serve a few confections, add in non-edible decorations to fill out the rest of the display. Need some inspiration? A collection of leafy branches from Studio Mondine created a showstopping backdrop for this Nine Cakes creation.

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Bridal Bouquet

twig branch white and yellow bridal bouquet
Alice Ahn Photography

While a lot of the designs on this list are twig-centric, branches don't have to be the focal point of your setup. They work just as well as supporting components. Paired with other dried elements, like lunaria, this fern-focused design from Designs by Hemingway benefitted from the structure a few branches provided, even though they weren't the star of the show.

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cloche table decoration with twig branches
Rebecca Theresa Photography

Not only was this cloche escort card display stunning, it was also super practical. When it comes to day-of paper goods, wind is not your friend. To protect your seating assignments—these were designed by The Idea Emporium—and stop them from flying away, enclose them in a cloche with a dainty branch, like they were at this wedding designed by Events by CMG and planned by CES Weddings. The whole look subtly reminds us of Beauty and the Beast.

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Potted Plants

potted plants of twig branches wedding ceremony
Ben Q Photography

Many twig ceremony arches are free-standing, but ceramic urns, like the ones shown here, can bring unique intrigue to your altar setup. This look was also a reminder that, though twigs may often feel bohemian, they look right at-home at classic, romantic nuptials, too. The Greek key detailing on the urns and the upholstered chairs brought a timeless air to this service's setting.

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Multiple Uses

twig branch bridesmaid bouquets wedding decor
Camilla Anchisi Photography

This wedding is proof that twigs and branches aren't one-note—there are plenty of ways to add them to each element of your big day. Figli dei fiori and Benevent ideated multiple ways to work tree limbs into this event's décor. Not only did they create a dramatic wall installation that served as the ceremony altar, but they also crafted on-trend hoop bouquets out of an assortment of branches.

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Wall Altar

twig branch on wall altar area
Taylor & Porter

Don't be afraid to mix and match wedding trends. This ceremony space took a cue from another popular motif: living walls. Uniquely shaped twigs were placed directly on the wall to form an altar area.

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Grazing Table

grazing table with twig branch decorations
Katie Stoops Photography

Another way to merge trends? Toast Events and Floressence Flowers brought the popular grazing table idea to life by artfully incorporating branches in the setup. The leafy tree limbs also reflected the surrounding fall foliage.

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Low and Lush

low and lush twig branch centerpiece
Kenzie Victory

If you want a centerpiece that cohesively incorporates twigs into a lush, bloom-focused arrangement, this design is for you. Rachael Ellen Events added branches to this creation, but mirrored the movement they created with strategically-placed flowers and greenery. The result was a statement-making display that included twigs, but didn't feel overwhelmed by them.

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Contemporary Clutch

contemporary twig branch wedding bouquet
Pam Kriangkum

Modern brides, save this image as bouquet inspiration. Branches can be used to create structure that deviates from the classic round style, as evidenced by this V-shaped clutch from Always Sunny and styled by Brianna Gabrielle.

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Soft Romance

twig branch and flowers on square wedding cake
Larissa Cleveland

Jasmine Rae Cakes' use of twigs on this confection is particularly noteworthy. While wooden elements can often read as rigid, the baker managed to create a design that felt absolutely soft and ethereal, thanks to rounded branches. Lush Charlotte and Daughters blooms added to the romance of the cake served at an Alison Events wedding.

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Conversation Starter

white twig branch wedding centerpiece
Jenny Haas

We're partial to this Evergreen Flower centerpiece for a very specific reason. Trailing twigs added verticality to the arrangement without blocking guests' view of each other during dinner. Not only was the end result stunning, but it also helped attendees mingle all evening long at this Events Held Dear wedding.

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Modern Minimalism

modern wedding bouquet branch of white flowers
Rebecca Yale Photography

If your wedding is sleek and contemporary, keep this look in mind. Comprised of flowering cherry blossom branches and roses, this all-white bouquet from Wild Bloom Floral made a strong case for going the monochrome route.

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Soft Twigs

twig branch arch with flowers
Lauren Kinsey

This wedding may have taken place in the middle of the woods, but it felt totally ethereal. Want to recreate a similar aesthetic? Layering a lot of skinny twigs together will create a paradoxically "soft" look.

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Destination Inspired

outdoor chuppah
Lisa O'Dwyer Photography

The variety of tree branch you choose can reference your locale and reinforce your wedding's aesthetic. Case in point? Aspen limbs were a smart choice for this celebration in the mountains. Flora by Nora was responsible for this design.

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Bloom Accents

anna timothy wedding vows under twig branch arch
Delbarr Moradi Photography

To make your branch ceremony arch or chuppah even more interesting, layer a pop of blooms on top. That's exactly what Shotgun Floral Studio did with this arch, formed from willow branches sourced near the river where the bride grew up.

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Outside In

kae danny wedding reception tables
Maria Lamb Photography

Looking for ways to bring the outdoors into your indoor reception? Take a page from this cheerful reception's playbook. Made from twigs, yellow installations from Hart Floral Design created drama at this ballroom party.

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Minimalist Cake

Dried Plant decor wedding cake
D'Arcy Benincosa Photography

If you're on the search for a contemporary way to add intrigue to your wedding cake, this is the look for you. The simple addition of two curved twigs brought ample drama to this all-white cube-shaped cake from Graceful Baker.

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Triangle Altar

Aisle and Altar with Rugs
Lauren Fair Photography

Branches are incredibly useful when it comes to creating shapes for your décor installations. While many ceremony arches are curvilinear, a triangular design brings a bohemian edge to your nuptials, as evidenced by this setup. To further reinforce the aesthetic, lanterns and rugs dotted the space.

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Unique Shape

kathryn ian wedding bouquet
Corbin Gurkin

On a smaller scale, twigs can even be used to impact the shape of handheld arrangements, like this bride's unique S-shaped bouquet from FlowerWild. "I was so in awe of Kate's work that I took a floral design workshop after our honeymoon," recalls the bride of the stunning creation.

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minimalist ikebana short vase with tall flowers on table with oranges
Lauren Kurc

Worried that branch décor leans too rustic? This contemporary arrangement is evidence to the contrary. A dramatic play on proportions and a clean white color palette brought a modern vibe to this minimal, ikebana-inspired Nord and Mae design.

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Locally Sourced

bride and groom standing wedding alter rabbi and spiritual healer
Maria Lamb

If you're getting married in the mountains, by all means, look to your surroundings as your design your wedding. This duo did exactly that. An Aspen tree chuppah from Tailored and Tied helped them connect to the mountain locale where they tied the knot.

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Less Is More

minimalist ikebana anemone bloom on table
Genevieve Wedding Photography

Looking for a way to bring a less-is-more mentality to your big day? Branch centerpieces are the way to go—a curated selection of branches totally stole the show on this tabletop, designed by Kitten Grayson.

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Dramatic Centerpiece

dramatic twig branch centerpiece
Christine Doneé

If you're still not convinced that twig and branch accents deserve a spot in your wedding design, this centerpiece should convince you otherwise. Moon Canyon's arrangement benefitted from the movement and drama that a selection of well-place twigs provided.

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