Master the flick for your big day.

Every woman loves to rock a dramatic eye every now and then, but is your wedding day really the time to do it? The answer is totally up to you, but if you're looking for an idea to try that won't be totally out of the box, consider winged eyeliner. Best achieved by using a liquid pen or gel liner with a brush, winged eyeliner can transform your everyday beauty look into something a bit more special, especially when applied just right. The key to making this more embellished beauty look feel bridal? Ask your makeup artist to create a softer version of this trendy look. Here, our top tips for wedding-worthy winged eyeliner.

Make it subtly smoky.

A great way to soften the look of winged liquid liner is use smoky shadow colors to tie everything together. After creating the liner wing, add black eye shadow with a smudge brush directly above the upper lash line. This will create a soft, smoky look to the lash line so that it can seamlessly blend with your shadows. For an even softer look, blend the black shadow with the rest of your eye makeup so that the entire look is soft and sexy.

Go for glitter.

If there's one day in your life that you should add a little glitter to your beauty look, it's your your wedding day. Whether it's simple a soft shimmer on the eyelid or a glitter liner directly above your cat-eye, pairing your winged eyeliner with a dose of sparkle will make the entire look feel soft and fresh. After applying your black winged eyeliner, go over it with one of these a glitter liner for a subtle hint of shine.

Say "yes" to lashes.

Winged eyeliner begs for a heavy lash line. If you're on the fence about utilizing faux lashes in general, remember that your eyes will look most complete in photos with the addition of some fake lashes, especially if you're trying a dramatic makeup look. Your lashes don't have to be super heavy, and, when applied properly, the final result will simply enhance the natural look of your eyes.


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