For months you've been focused on your to-do list, but for an even better wedding, don't forget about the equally important "to not do" list!

1. Get plastered.

Of course you should let loose and have fun (you deserve it after all that planning!), but this probably isn't the time to take advantage of the open bar. The day will literally fly by … you don't want booze to cloud your memory of it. Champagne toast away, get a little tipsy even, but be drunk on love-not tequila shots.

2. Skip meals or dehydrate.

You might find yourself too busy (or nervous!) to eat the morning of your wedding, but if there was ever a day your body needs fuel, this is it! And yes, peeing in a ball gown is tricky, but having an awesome day when you've sworn off liquids is even trickier.

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3. Wear killer heels.

However gorgeous, if they're going to torture your feet, they're not worth it! If they're the perfect pair, consider switching into something more comfortable for the reception, or the second you start to sit out songs to relieve your toes.

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4. Miss the cocktail hour if you don't want to.

A lot of brides feel forced to sit out cocktails, but there's no rule saying you have to! You can still make a grand entrance into the ballroom once guests have found their seats. Spend some time alone with your husband after the ceremony, but if you're itching to join the party sooner than later, do it!

5. Host too much and party too little.

Feeling torn between catching up with all your guests and experiencing the party you've spent so much time planning? No one's expecting a lengthy conversation with the bride at her wedding … don't feel guilty about dancing (and eating!) as much as you want!

6. Lose your husband.

Seems silly, but it's been known to happen. You want to experience your wedding together, and while that's a no-brainer at the ceremony, and during your first dance, it's pretty easy to get separated thereafter. Greet guests together, and hold hands!

7. Have it out with a vendor in front of your guests.

A quiet conversation with a vendor that's letting you down is much more likely to be constructive (not to mention comfortable for everyone involved) than a public blowup.

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8. Complain about your in-laws.

So maybe your dream husband didn't come with dream in-laws. Your wedding is not the time to air grievances about them … whatever your gripes, they are best kept for conversations less likely to be overheard by their relatives and less likely to spoil a special day.

9. Watch the clock.

It's hard to be present and take in all the details if you're worried about things running late or early or your wedding being almost over. Consider leaving your wristwatch at home, and let your coordinator or MOH keep track of time, so you can focus on enjoying every minute.

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10. Spend time on your iPhone.

Your friends and followers will forgive an eight-hour hiatus from social media. The important ones will be celebrating and liking live, and you will be able to catch up your online community soon enough. Leave pics and videos to the professionals!


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