Getting-Ready Songs to Play in the Bridal Suite

Queue up this collection for a relaxed and happy wedding morning.

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As you and you girls get hair-and-makeup ready, you'll want a solid lineup of tunes (and maybe a glass of Champagne!) to calm nerves and set the tone for the happy day to come. That's why we tapped a few wedding industry experts who know how to set the mood in the bridal suite. Ahead, their recommendations for choosing your getting-ready playlist, whatever your musical tastes. These gurus also curated a special roster of songs that'll keep you calm and collected as you prepare for your walk down the aisle-be sure to check out their favorite hits below.

Mix up the tempos.

Though the tunes you choose should be tailored to your personality, setting the mood usually requires a mix of upbeat, universal hits and calming ballads. You'll want to use both, though, at the appropriate moments, says event planner Jacin Fitzgerald. "I think upbeat in the beginning to keep with the excited vibe of the day," she says. "But mellow is nice once it's time for the bride to get her hair and makeup done to help settle the nerves a bit!"

Get inspired by female artists.

You'll likely be surrounded by women-your mom, your grandmother, your bridesmaids-while preparing for your wedding day, so you'll want to pay homage to them with a few female anthems they'll recognize. "Playing songs you and your bridal party love will remind you that, even though you are marrying the love of your life, your support network will always be by your side," says Laurie Arons of Laurie Arons Special Events. As for specific artists to bookmark? Lauren Fremont of Loli Events suggests Madonna and Beyoncé, while Fitzgerald recommends Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston.

Avoid anything too aggressive.

That means staying away from songs with expletives, says Fremont-especially if Grandma or your flower girl will be in the bridal suite, says Fremont. You'll also want to be mindful of the volume, she adds: "There's no need to make it super loud. I feel like that creates chaos."

Prepare your playlist early.

"Start working on a playlist before the big day so you can add to it whenever a song pops into your head," advises Fitzgerald, who believes that this lineup, in particular, is a powerful one. "Keep in mind that music has a strong tie to memory and nostalgia. Some of these songs may have special meaning, and, years down the line, will bring the bride back to this moment-the anticipation of her wedding!"

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