Let guests fete the happy couple with a color-coordinated send-off; the supplies can be handed out before the ceremony or set out at the reception. Silver comes naturally to this mix in the form of tiny wedding bells and metal-stemmed sparklers. Simple embellishments, including ribbon and patterned paper, provide splashes of blue.

Confetti Container How-To

1. Start with a 4-by-6-inch piece of medium-weight paper.


2. Roll paper into a tube, pattern side out, with a 1-inch overlap; secure with double-sided tape.


3. Close bottom edge with double-sided tape, and add a handful of silver confetti. Then tape top edge closed so that the crease runs perpendicular to the one at the bottom.


4. Create a small loop in center of two 20-inch lengths of thin ribbon; knot.


5. Set the knot at the top of the container so the ribbon ends dangle down either side. Knot ribbon ends at bottom of container. Trim ends.


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