Kids say and do the darndest things, and lucky for us, they don't turn it off at weddings. Here, watch these adorable flower girls and ring bearers steal the show with their pint-sized antics and unpredictability.
Credit: Untitled Film Works via YouTube

What a daredevil! This little guy (reportedly the bride's nephew) tried to catch a ride down the aisle on his aunt's train. You have to admit, it looks kind of fun-for him, at least.

She may not be a princess, but JoJo Lomelino is a born flower girl, and in this video, she explains why her dad shouldn't bother her while she's doing her petal-tossing, aisle-walking thing. Etiquette first? JoJo, you're a girl after our own hearts.

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The 9-, 7-, and 3-year-old nieces of this groom tag-teamed on an adorable and hilarious toast. This: "Uncle Dan, you are really good at lots of things, like picking the perfect wife."

An empty dance floor wasn't about to stop this flower girl from getting her groove on-and going viral, too, because why not. We'll have what she's having. Shirley Temple with extra cherries? K.

And another high-energy performance by a flower girl who, OK, we admit it, has better dance moves than we do.

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Here's a ring bearer who knows how to lend a helping hand. Adorbs.

Isn't it every little girl's dream to perform a Frozen song at a wedding? It is now.

With just two years of life experience under his belt, this old soul can break it down at a wedding like nobody's business.

Flower petals? Pshhh. Nothing grabs guests' attention like tearing down the aisle while screaming bloody murder. We give this flower girl points for creativity (and because baby girl was worn out, clearly). But the real gem here is the ring bearer who follows her and uses the pillow to facepalm because he just can't even right now.

OK, so she didn't say much, but even at her young age, this flower girl (and daughter of the bride and groom!) knows that sometimes short and sweet is the way to go.

This flower girl took her job of assisting the bride very seriously. Case in point: When the groom "stole" her garter, she grabbed it back and gave him a smack, too.

When the photographer told the bride to kiss the groom, this little girl laid one on the ring bearer because duh, she thought it was her wedding. Well if the pretty white princess dress fits …


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