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Guests photo booth

Photo booths have become a wedding mainstay, but don't let the fact that nearly every reception features one stop you from bringing one in on your big day. After all, there's a reason they're so popular, and that's because guests love to pose for photos in them. Still, you may want to set yours apart from all the rest, which is why it's worth spending some time thinking about the props you'll stock your photo station with. To understand how a bride and groom can personalize their photo booth with unique props, we spoke with Anna Wang from Sweet Booths. Here, her tips for the most unique photo booth props.

Make them meaningful to you.

The best photo booth props are the ones that are most meaningful to the bride and groom, Wang explains, so think about ways you can highlight your personalities, interests, or backgrounds here. "Our couples love props that add a personal element to the photo booth," the pro explains. One of her favorite requests? Oversized photos of the bride and groom's pets who couldn't attend the wedding. You could also bring in banners from your alma matters or props that relate to your favorite sports team or activity.

Put yourself in the photo booth.

And we mean that literally. You and your spouse will be taking pictures all day long, so adding in a cardboard cutout of yourselves ensures that you're always available for a photo op with your guests. "The most popular customized props so far are individual photos of the bride and groom so everyone gets a chance to take a photo with them in the photo booth," adds Wang. "These can be stick props made with the bride and groom's faces."

Bring in your celebrity crush.

Want to ensure you get a laugh out of your guests? Wang says cutouts of your celebrity crushes are always a hit, and they're not overdone. "Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears make an appearance every once in a while," she explains, but otherwise most of your family and friends likely won't have posed with your favorite A-listers before.

Upgrade the classics.

Accessories like funny glasses, hats, feather boas, and small signs are some of the typical props you'll find in a photo booth, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't include these items in yours. If you can think of ways to upgrade these classics so they speak to you, even better. Use colors or patterns you love, tie them back to your wedding décor, or include any inside jokes your guests will understand.


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