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It came as a shock when it was announced that Girls star Zosia Mamet, known for playing Shoshanna Shapiro, married fellow actor Evan Jonigkeit. The couple, who dated for three and a half years, never announced an engagement and have kept their relationship on the down low. The two married on October 1st, and have (finally!) opened up to Vogue about their big day.

Believe it or not, Zosia and Evan were engaged when they met. Okay, not quite what you think-they met doing a play in which their characters were engaged. Call it fate, but the two started dating right away. "I suppose it's life imitating art," Zosia said. "We dated secretly for a good portion of the production, which was incredibly romantic."

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When Evan proposed, the couple already knew they wanted to get married outside of the city. Enter the Internet: A hole of wedding information that sucked Zosia in. "One night soon after Evan proposed I went down a Google rabbit hole," she said. "It was my only conceivable bridezilla moment. When I emerged after about five solid hours, I had found Cedar Lakes Estate. We called, and they happened to have an opening for a visit the following day, my birthday. So we drove there, and the second we entered the property, we fell in love." Lucky for the two, there was one open date on October 1st after a cancellation, and they booked it.

The next step was finding the perfect dress, which proved a hard task. Zosia, who is not the traditional type, never pictured herself wearing a white wedding dress. So two of her best friends took her to a department store and made her try on (almost) every dress until she found the one. She said "yes" to a black Givenchy gown. "It definitely wasn't the most epic in terms of the dress's power on its own, but it fit me like a glove in every way, and I knew, without a doubt, that was my dress," she said. "That was it, I bought it off the rack."

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To complete her ceremony look, Zosia wore a pair of diamond earrings from a friend which counted as her "something borrowed," and wore a flat shoe from Brother Vellies. For her beauty look, all she requested was wearing dark flowers in her hair. "If they'd given me a Mohawk, I would have been fine with it," she explained. "I was marrying the love of my life. I felt like I was floating-everything else was just icing."

Zosia and Evan said "I do" in an old theater on the grounds, and held the reception in an old barn. Zosia changed into a sequined Kate Spade dress for the party.

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The first song they played was incredibly important to the couple, since music is a huge part of their relationship. "I wanted a song that had yet to become a benchmark for either of us, but also something we would want to listen to for the rest of our lives," Evan said. They decided on Neil Young's "Harvest Moon." "Dancing to this song was a beautiful start to out life together, and I'm looking forward to the memory of the moment every time I hear it," Evan said.

The night was completed with moonshine, s'mores, and a firepit. "We talked, sang, danced, and midnight-snacked until the wee hours of the morning," Zosia said. "It was perfect."

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