You've got almost a dozen weddings to go to in the next year and no plus-one in sight. Stop dreading the season(s) of love—we're here with a plan that'll not only make going to weddings bearable but fun too. Yes, it's possible!
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Wear something hot.

That LBD in your closet that still has the tags on? Cut them loose and, while you're at it, cut yourself loose, too. Wear the dress with confidence-feeling your power is the sexiest thing of all. Walk into the wedding with purpose and self-assurance-you don't need a plus-one for that. Believe us, you'll make an impression (a good one!).

Hang out at the bar.

This is where the single guys will hang out, especially the ones who refuse to dance. Pace yourself, drinks-wise though. You can't be flirty if you're slurring and spilling.

Avoid certain people.

We don't mean the bride and groom. As hard as it might be for your single self to wear a happy face as this joined-at-the-hip twosome makes their way around the room, be nice to them-you RSVPed yes to their love fest, after all. We're talking about avoiding guests you historically don't get along with, such as the groom's bitchy sister or your whiney third cousin. If you know elderly Aunt Carol is going to hunt you down to insist on setting you up with her podiatrist's single grandson, dodge her. (Unless you know Grandson is hot.) Hang with friends you know are guaranteed a good time.

Don't leave the dance floor.

Wedding receptions are all about mingling, eating, drinking, and dancing. They're not about sitting at Table 23 all night counting down the hours and taking selfies. When you and your friends (single and otherwise) take on the dance floor, the party instantly becomes more fun (and you'll burn off some calories from all those cocktail-hour mini tacos you ate). If your tablemates won't budge, be that annoying hot girl who drags the wallflowers to the dance floor, kicking and bitching. Before long, you'll have trouble dragging them off the floor.

Songs Guaranteed to Get Guests on the Dance Floor

Become invisible right before the bouquet toss.

There's no reason to put your single status front and center, unless you want the cute guy at Table 9 to know you're available or you believe that the woman who catches the bouquet is the next to marry.

Don't max out your credit cards.

With so many weddings to go to so close together, you'll be buying lots of gifts. Only spend what you can afford, whether you give cash or a pretty butter dish you found on sale. The bride and groom care about celebrating with you, not that you spend a certain amount on a gift. You want to end the wedding spree on a high note, not headed for bankruptcy court.


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