The definition of a sweet surprise.
Tom Daley surprises Dustin Lance Black with a patriotic wedding cake
Credit: Tom Daley via Instagram

Tom Daley learned the hard way that creating a drool-inducing wedding cake is tougher than it looks. The British Olympic diver, who said "I do" to screenwriter husband Dustin Lance Black on May 6, had plans to create a dessert display in the days prior to his wedding. But it didn't take long for Daley to call in the professionals, and-spoiler alert-the cake turned out amazing in the end.

"I thought that I was going to be able to make the wedding cake myself," Daley said in a video on his YouTube channel, according to People. "And upon trying a couple of recipes, realized how difficult it was going to be." The diver placed a call to U.K. bakery Crumbs & Doilies and requested a five-tiered red, white, and blue cake that's nothing short of patriotic. And he managed to keep Black in the dark throughout the whole process!

"It's a complete secret to him. He doesn't know exactly what's going on," Daley said. "I just said, 'We'll handle the cake, leave it to us and we got it.' So the first time he's gonna see it is on the wedding day." If the Instagram snaps and new video the couple shared are any evidence, Black loved the surprise! Lucky for us, Daley also opened up about the dessert's creation and uber-patriotic theme.

"I love the Union Jack but also [because] Lance is American so there's the stars and stripes elements to," he said of the elaborate confection. Another area for compromise included the cake's flavors. The dessert included layers of Daley's favorite, banana chocolate chip cake, and Black's favorite, carrot cake. One detail Daley did end up creating himself? The white chocolate bark on the cake's top layer. Even if it isn't the whole dessert, we're definitely impressed!


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