You can learn a lot about your wedding style from your furniture.

By Hannah Nowack
July 19, 2018
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There's an endless amount of wedding inspiration to be found in the world, but what happens if you're just not feeling moved by the ideas you're seeing? For some couples, it's hard to look at another person's wedding details and see a way to make them their own. If you fall into this camp, know that there are plenty of other ways to think about big-day details. Looking at the colors and fabrics in your own home will tell you a lot about what you do and don't like, and your furniture can actually be used as a jumping off point for many of your day's most important elements. In fact, we think your sofa (and the home design store you purchased it at) can say a lot about your future wedding cake.

If you have a crushed velvet sofa...

If you frequent Anthropologie and find yourself admiring their impeccable window displays, chances are you can describe your design sense as bohemian, organic, and upscale eclectic. As you sit on your crushed velvet sofa (or something similar), start thinking about your wedding cake. You value all things romantic, a little offbeat, and pretty, so a cake with delicate sugar flowers or deckled-edges will do the trick.

If you have a mid-century modern sofa...

You're crazy about your mid-century modern-inspired couch from West Elm, so consider incorporating elements graphic details and gold accents when designing your wedding cake. It'll leave guests saying, "That's so them."

If you have a tufted leather sofa...

Restoration Hardware is known for expertly creating furniture made from materials like dark woods, luxe leather, and wrought iron. If you love these homey, masculine vibes, think about bringing them to your wedding cake. Dark color palettes and mixed metals would be the perfect route to go.

If you have a clean, modern sofa...

Crate & Barrel's modern younger sibling, CB2, is a haven for all things stylish, chic, and contemporary. You love your minimalist sofa with barely-there gold legs. Chanel those same vibes with a super simple wedding cake. One bold detail is all your need.

If you have a global-inspired sofa...

Synonymous with a cultured and global aesthetic, the aisles of World Market are teeming with dainty drawer pulls, festive tchotchkes, and delicious international treats. A wedding cake with a vintage topper, watercolor illustrations, or a bespoke stand would channel the perfect well-traveled vibe for your nuptials, whether they're taking place in an exotic locale or at home.

If you have an understated, contemporary sofa..

Magic is a home decorated with furniture that embodies Room & Board's signature clean aesthetic and less-is-more philosophy. If this is your vibe, try blending a modern two-tiered cake with a stand made of a unique material.

If you have a traditional linen sofa...

If your living room could double as a Pottery Barn showroom (and you're reading this sitting one of their beautiful linen-hued sofas), consider a classic white wedding cake decorated with traditional details like piped borders, gold leaf accents, and monograms.


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