Dave Franco's recent reveal inspired him.
Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux
Credit: Justin Theroux via Instagram

When we think secret weddings, we think Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston-the couple's nuptials in 2015 were so under wraps that not even their guests knew what was happening until they showed up on the ceremony site. While the couple has kept quiet about the goings-on of their celebration, they're not afraid to discuss why they kept things so private for their special day.

Way back when, Jennifer Aniston told Entertainment Tonight that their wedding's secrecy was "a beautiful luxury." Over a year-and-a-half later, her hubby is now sharing similar sentiments. When the Lego Ninjado villain was asked by Entertainment Tonight to comment on co-star Dave Franco's secret nuptials, he made it clear how he feels about keeping things covert. "Congrats to him, good for him for making it private," Theroux said, before delving into his own wedding. "It's so much more special when it's just your closest friends and family and it's lovely," he shared. "[Aniston and I] wanted it to be a peaceful environment, you don't want it to be hectic."

In case you didn't find that totally romantic, the actor also recently dished on the surprise birthday celebration he threw Aniston. The getaway-which doubled as a Friends reunion with Courtney Cox and Johnny McDaid-took place in Cabo not too long ago. Theroux's gift to Aniston included "special dinner" and an interesting take on a piñata. "We didn't put anything in the piñata. We had a piñata and didn't end up smashing it," he admitted to Entertainment Tonight. "What are you going to put in it? Kale? She doesn't eat candy!" Fair, Theroux, fair.


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