The singer might have just admitted to tying the knot.

By Shira Savada
August 28, 2018
Ed Sheeran Engaged
Credit: Ed Sheeran via Instagram

Ed Sheeran might be a married man. The singer-songwriter, who proposed to Cherry Seaborn at the end of last year, revealed what could be his wedding band in an interview with Access and implied that he and his longtime girlfriend are now husband and wife, reports People.

During the interview, Sheeran was asked about his relationship status after a reporter referenced his silver ring. When the interviewer congratulated the musician and asked how he managed to "sneak that one" past his fans, he responded in a way that seemed to confirm his recent marriage: "Well, I never really do anything too public anyway." After another round of congratulations, he politely said, "Thank you."

He wasn't as forthcoming in a different interview with Entertainment Tonight-but he did share that he's always wanted a small wedding and praised the "good vibe" that comes with having a simple ceremony. Though he didn't assert that he had a small service, it would be an an appropriate fit for the pair since, according to Sheeran, he and Seaborn have only spent a handful of days apart during their engagement.

Another reason that the duo would choose a small, low-key ceremony? They clearly value their privacy. Earlier in the year, Sheeran submitted a planning application to build a chapel on the grounds of his England home-one that would only hold about two dozen people. This could mean that the duo was gearing up for a private wedding months ago, one that the public wouldn't have access to. The application documents also gave another hint at the chapel's intended purpose, which was to give his inner circle a place to celebrate "key life and family milestones," like "marriages, christenings, and so forth."


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