How to Order a Cutting Cake and Sheet Cakes for Your Wedding

And why you should consider doing so in the first place!

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Here's a wedding cake hack for you. Rather than spending as much as $25 per slice on wedding cake for all of your guests, you can order two cakes-a small, beautiful cake (say $5-10/slice) for photos and cutting and a larger sheet cake for serving. The latter generally sets you back just a few hundred dollars since it won't have to be stacked and decorated the way a display cake does. Considering a cutting cake and sheet cakes for your big day? Here's how it works.

Wedding Cake for Cutting

You can go one of two routes with your display and cutting cake: You can either have a faux cake made if you want something a little larger and more design-centric, or you can order a small cake that's meant to be cut and serve maybe 20-60 of your guests. The remainder of your guests will be served slices of sheet cake, but no one will know the difference; they'll be cut and plated in the kitchen.

The Deal with Fake Wedding Cake

A faux cake is usually made for display only and includes a small insert of real cake where you'll make the cut for photos. Though it may sound strange, it's more common than you'd think. Chat with your baker about the options. Couples who go this route typically serve guests slice so sheet cake or have a dessert display with options their loved ones can choose from.

Wedding Cake for Serving

Sheet cakes come in a variety of sizes, from 1/8 to a full sheet. A full sheet cake generally serves about 96 guests, but your particular baker may make any variety of smaller sizes from there. The pricing will vary depending on your flavor choices, but a full sheet cake usually costs a few hundred dollars rather than a few thousand.

Cake for Every Guest Isn't Necessary

It's unnecessary to order cake for every single wedding guest, unless you're having a seated dinner with the dessert course served at the table. This is rare, as most couples offer the cake cutting as a way to get guests up and moving. Chat with your cake maker about appropriate quantities based on the additional desserts you'll be serving, but it's usually safe to order cake for about 60-70% of the wedding guest list.

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