That wasn't the only surprise the TODAY show host had for this bride, either!
Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

As Misty Galecki made her walk down the aisle to say her "I dos," she had no idea what was about to happen: Hoda Kotb popped out from behind a black curtain to help officiate the wedding ceremony and pronounce the couple husband and wife to Misty's delight. (If you haven't guessed, Misty is a big fan of the TODAY show!)

"I always wanted this to happen to me," Misty told TODAY. "You see it on TV and I always wish it was me and it was me. It was me!"

So how did all of this go down? When Misty's groom, Christopher Grosshans, found out that the TODAY show was searching for a couple who was celebrating a milestone to surprise as part of their "Make Your TODAY: Party Crash" series, he entered the contest. He wrote them to let the know how much it would mean to his bride-to-be for Hoda to officiate their wedding ceremony.

Hoda and the groom collaborated-in secret-along with the morning show's production team for a few months to pull off the big-day surprise for Misty. To dupe the bride the day of the wedding, Christopher told Misty that he hired a camera crew to document the day as a wedding gift to her.

"Keeping this a secret has just been … like this volcano inside of you and it's just been bubbling and bubbling," Christopher said.


That wasn't Hoda's only surprise of the day for the newlyweds. She also flew in one of Misty's best friends who couldn't make the long-distance flight to the wedding from California. And when Hoda found out that Misty and Christopher love '90s music, the TODAY show host arranged for the Goo Goo Dolls to perform their song "Iris" for the couple's first dance song.

Watch the whole surprise unfold in the video above!


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