They're doing this right!
Pippa Middleton and James Matthews wedding day
Credit: Getty

Talk about a dream honeymoon! Pippa Middleton and James Matthews certainly spared no expense for their amazing wedding, and it looks like they're taking the same approach to their honeymoon. Need more details? Let's just say this getaway looks like real-life paradise.

The newlyweds wasted no time in jetting off to their tropical destination of choice: Tetiaroa, an exclusive chain of islands in French Polynesia. And if that doesn't sound opulent enough, the couple is holed up at Tetiaroa's only resort, The Brando, which is reported to cost $3,000 a night. We're guessing the view and the room service are pretty incredible! But that's not all. Another noteworthy guest to soak up these accommodations? Barack and Michelle Obama, who may be using the gorgeous backdrop to relax and write their memoirs.

While we're sure Middleton and Matthews are taking plenty of time to relax after all that wedding buzz, it sounds like they're also taking advantage of the island's beautiful beaches and water sports, according to ET. The pair have been spotted taking walks on the beach and trying out a fun (and fit) activity that sounds perfect for their active lifestyles: paddleboarding. They've also been sighted enjoying the crystal clear waters–and each other's company–during a mid-day swim in the ocean.

And we thought the newlyweds looked relaxed and happy surrounded by friends and family on their May 20 wedding day. Now we know what bliss really looks like! You can practically feel the honeymoon glow from here.


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