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You don't have to be into hayrides, haunted houses, ghosts, and goblins, to know that there are plenty of reasons to get married in October. While couples love fall celebrations, few are willing to tie the knot over Halloween weekend. But why? Planning a wedding that falls on or around this spooky holiday means you'll avoid the steep prices associated with high-season while still getting to take advantage of the best parts of autumn. If you're on the fence about choosing a wedding date around October 31, check out why these wedding planners think it's a great idea.

The fall foliage is absolutely stunning.

"From beautiful floral bouquets of burnt oranges, deep purples, reds, and yellows to the colors of the trees and shrubs near the venue, this time of year can promise an amazing backdrop for couples and their guests," says Deb Erb, wedding and event planner at Simply Events Inc. The sun also sets earlier in October, so your photographer will likely catch stunning shots of your wedding party during magic hour.

The temperature outside is cool and comfortable.

"Most couples tend to think they want a hot and sunny August wedding until they're standing in 90-degree temperatures and sweating in linen and silk," says Wendy Collins, wedding and event planner at Stowe Mountain Lodge. "In October the air is cool, crisp and comfortable, so couples can relax and take in the moment." Do remember to purchase a shall or some kind of covering for outdoor photos, as it can get chillier than you'd expect at night.

Off-season means everything's more affordable.

Wedding season typically runs from May to September, so most vendors and hotels will offer price breaks for those looking to have their wedding in the fall and winter. You can also expect to save on décor expenses since pumpkins and other seasonal accents will likely be in plain sight everywhere you go. "The fun thing about Halloween weddings, is you can decide how 'ghoulish' you want it to get," says Erb. "Do you prefer scary or elegant? Spider webs with sparkle and lots of candlelight with carved pumpkins could be lots of fun!" Head to your local craft store for simple additions to an already decorative time of year.

There are plenty of local activities for guests.

Most cities and even small towns have local festivities to celebrate the Halloween season-whether it's a ghost tour or haunted hayride. "Couples are always looking for unique ways to transport guests around a venue or activities for guests to enjoy and Hay wagons couldn't be more ideal," says Erb. "After the ceremony, guests can enjoy a late-night ride after the reception ends (maybe part of the after party)."

Your menu options can include the season's best.

Pumpkin spice lattes, anyone? "Couples can play off the cozy fall flavors and include specialty items, like mini caramel apples and butternut squash soup served in mini pumpkins topped with toasted Pepitas," suggests Collins. "Bathing suit season will be long gone, so guests will be ready for hearty, filling foods!" And don't forget Halloween cocktails. Collins suggests a pumpkin pie martini or a warm caramel apple cider.


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