We're giving you an excuse to splurge on more wedding accessories. Plus, we're telling you what to look for in your second pair of kicks.
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There's nothing worse than choosing the most beautiful pair of shoes for your wedding only to come to find that they're not comfortable enough for all-day wear. While you'll surely want a chic pair for photos and the ceremony, should you trade in your pretty shoes for something more practical during the party? According to the pros, it's worth purchasing a second pair of big-day shoes so that you have a backup option should pain start to creep in. Here, a few things to keep in mind when shopping for party-ready footwear.

Height Matters

Wedding DeTailor and stylist Heidi Johnson highly recommends all brides have a backup shoe. "Brides wear these high, spiky shoes and they can only wear them for so long," Johnson says, so picking up a more comfortable pair for the party is a great idea. But because your wedding dress is often hemmed while wearing your heels, Johnson doesn't typically advise changing into flats. Instead, she tells her brides to go with a high platformed wedge, which will be more comfortable but still keep your dress from pooling on the ground.

Consider Grass-Friendly Pairs

Sinking into the grass during photos, your ceremony, or cocktail hour can be a real concern for brides. To this Johnson says, "Brides can also use the backup shoe for their first look or any photos they might take out in a vineyard or places they wouldn't want to use their more expensive shoes."

It's Always Good to Have Options

Even if you find your ceremony shoes extremely comfortable, it's smart to have a second pair. While you may find they're great for walking on hard surfaces, you may want to swap back and forth between the two pairs throughtout the day-say, as you walk the reception grounds for photos.

Don't Forget to Break Them In

You've probably heard that breaking shoes in is something you should do before your wedding, but don't forget to do so with both pairs. Obviously you want to take care not to get them dirty, so simply wearing them around the house for extended periods should do the trick.


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