Can You Wear Flats on Your Wedding Day? Here's What the Expert Says

The answer is yes, and here's how.

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We've all seen those stunning Instagram pictures of a bride's wedding shoes, or the photos where the woman of the hour is wearing her tallest pair of heels with apparent ease. But unless you're used to walking in heels all the time, chances are, a day spent in sky-high shoes is going to cause unwanted aches and blisters, making flats a pretty attractive alternative. If you're on the fence about wearing flats on your big day, you're in luck. Expert bridal stylist Julie Sabatino, owner of The Stylish Bride, says you can, in fact walk down the aisle in flat shoes. Here, she shares what to look for in a great pair, how to handle flats at a wedding dress fitting, and how to wear them on the big day like a pro.

Choose Supportive Flats

If you are going to wear flats on your big day, Sabatino recommends choosing supportive flats (with a closed toe) since you'll be on your feet for hours. No matter what kind of flats you actually choose, Sabatino says it's important to break them in well ahead of the wedding day. Doing so can help you avoid blisters and discomfort.

Bring Your Flats and Your Heels to Any Wedding Dress Fittings

Sabatino says that many brides alternate between flats and heels on the big day. While this is definitely a good idea in terms of comfort, it makes things tricky when you're having your dress alterations done. To avoid tripping over the front of your dress, she says it's important for brides to bring both pairs of shoes to any dress fittings. If it's too late for any last-minute adjustments, Sabatino says there are plenty of DIY hacks to prevent any embarrassing falls. "In the event that you want to do a huge switch, you can use tacks, fashion tape, or safety pins to shorten the front of your dress," Sabatino says.

Choose Flats for Outdoor Weddings

Heels definitely help improve stature and posture, but comfort should always come first if you are having an outdoor wedding, Sabatino stresses. While wedge or block heels are definitely fashionable, these same shoes often prove to be very difficult to walk in if your wedding is outside.

Have the Right Items on Hand

Although comfy footwear can make all the difference, Sabatino also says brides can further prevent blisters by having the right items on hand. After all, flats can hurt just as much as any heel if you don't break them in properly. "It's important to have a whole host of footcare items with you like moleskin for blisters, blister block, cushions, and inserts," Sabatino says. "It really can make a difference if you feel like you are getting a blister and you put moleskin on it."

Remember You Can Always Wear Your Flats Again

No matter what your budget is, Sabatino says that it's important for brides to remember that you can wear your flats after the wedding is over. Choose a style you'll love forever, and know that if you decide to splurge a little, there's lot of mileage ahead for your big-day shoes.

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