Express your joy through the art of ribbon embroidery right on your ring pillow.
Credit: Trevor Dixon


4mm ribbon

Dressmaker's tracing paper

Sewing needle

Tracing wheel

Store-bought or homemade cushion

Scissors or straight-edge

  1. Download our clip-art template, print, then cut along the trim lines.
  2. Lay a sheet of dressmaker's paper on top of your fabric, then place the pattern on top. Use the tracing wheel to draw over the lines on the pattern to transfer them to the fabric.
  3. Thread ribbon onto your needle and embroider over the "XOXO" pattern lines. Allow a bit of ribbon to hang free, and use it to secure the wedding bands.

The details: Mokuba New York 4mm ribbon (#10000, color #54, 212-869-8900).


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