41 Wedding Cakes With Fruit That Are Full of Color and Flavor

Wedding Cake with Berries, Grapes, Figs, and Pears
Photo: Patrick Moyer

We've all seen flowers, fondant, and piping—but what other decorative additions does the wedding cake world offer? Fruit can be an amazing choice to top your confection, and offer a more delicious take on the traditional English fruitcake.

Both as accents and the main event, fruits can bring texture, color, and zest to your tiers, and they offer the chance to step away from more typical floral designs. On the other hand, fruits pair wonderfully with petals and blooms, and their wide range of colors and shapes lend themselves to a large spread of themes and cake structures.

Keep things simple with sprinklings of berries, or get glitzy with painted, shimmering pears or apples. Between bananas and strawberries or figs and pineapples, the following cakes featuring fresh and faux produce will inspire a fruit-filled dessert table vision.

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Gilded Fruit Wedding Cake

glara matthew wedding cake fruit topper
Heather Waraksa

Flecks of gold sent the fruit cake topper on this vanilla cake into truly luxe territory.

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Wedding Cake Overflowing with Fruit

amanda patrick wedding cake
Lauren Fair Photography

This couple's Italian wedding featured a beautiful millefoglie, which spilled over with an abundance of gorgeous fruit.

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Naked Blackberry Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake with Berries, Grapes, Figs, and Pears
Teneil Kable

Cocoa & Fig decked out this (gluten-free!) almond cake with fresh groupings of blackberries.

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Strawberry Wedding Pound Cake

Nancy Neil

Here, an almond-cornmeal TSP pound cake was accented with mascarpone cream and strawberries.

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Wedding Carrot Cake with Figs


This couple chose a short carrot cake with an apricot-jam glaze, vanilla buttercream, and juicy figs.

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Lemon and Berry Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake with Berries, Grapes, Figs, and Pears

A heaping pile of berries (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries) topped this lemon-layered naked cake.

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Wedding Cake with Blueberries

3 deseos y medio

Cup&Cake Barcelona created this simple red velvet confection, which was adorned with a fresh touch of blueberries and rosemary.

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Blackberry and Pumpkin Wedding Cake

Meredith Perdue

Blackberry purée, cream-cheese frosting, fresh blackberries, flowers, and greenery all accented this pumpkin Katie Made Bakery naked cake.

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Vibrant Fig Wedding Cake

Jose Villa

Sweet and Saucy Shop contrasted this bright white cake with the colorful punch of sliced figs.

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Fruity Faux-Millefoglie Wedding Cake

O'Malley Photographers

This fruit-filled Devil's Thumb Ranch cake was made to mimic a traditional italian millefoglie.

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Farm-to-Table Wedding Cake

Linda Pugliese

This purple-streaked white wedding cake, designed by Jason Schreiber, features big, flavorful blackberries.

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Red and Blue Berry Wedding Cake

Rachel Thurston

Sweet Layers Cakes & Pastries layered vanilla-bean cake and poppy-seed buttercream icing before sprinkling on an assortment of red and blue fruit.

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Strawberry and Maracon Wedding Cake

Gary Ashley for Les Loups

This groom's relatives at Beach Plum Bakery Café made the couple an olive-oil wedding cake, which was ringed with dainty flowers and topped with strawberries and macarons.

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Petit Four Wedding Cakes with Kumquat

Wedding Cake with Berries, Grapes, Figs, and Pears
Stephen Kent Johnson

These mini hexagonal orange pound cakes have a honey glaze, whipped cream, and candied kumquat slices.

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Cherry-Coated Wedding Carrot Cake

Wedding Cake with Berries, Grapes, Figs, and Pears

This caramel-glazed and caramel-frosted carrot cake by The Scootabaker featured garden roses and red cherries.

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Mango Slice Wedding Cake


For their tropical destination wedding, this couple had Parrot Cay chefs concoct a thematic confection, which was soaked in rum-punch syrup, layered with jasmine-mango jam, frosted with vanilla and passion-fruit buttercream, and coated in mango slices with a mango-passion glaze.

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Lemon-Basil Wedding Cake with Strawberries

Wedding Cake with Berries, Grapes, Figs, and Pears
Haley Richter Photography

Cake Life Bake Shop made this lemon-basil cake with strawberry compote and cream-cheese frosting.

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Raspberry Basket Wedding Cake

Christina Richards Weddings

The basket-like look of this raspberry-filled yellow-and-chocolate cake was made with thin panels of white chocolate.

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Plum and Cardamom Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake with Berries, Grapes, Figs, and Pears
Emily Wren Photography

These cardamom-honey cake layers by Cake Life Bake Shop are topped with plum compote and accompanied by torched plums.

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Peach and Pear Wedding Cake


This art-inspired masterpiece (influenced by Cezanne's "The Basket of Apples") was designed by Wendy Kromer and featured lemon cake with meringue frosting. The marzipan peaches and pears that topped each layer were filled with nuts, dates, and figs.

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Berry and Stacked Cheese Wedding Cake

3 deseos y medio

This couple took an original route, building a cake out of stacked cheeses and topping it with fresh berries and herbs.

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Lemon-Thyme Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake with Berries, Grapes, Figs, and Pears
Romulo Yanes

This lemon-thyme cake has layers of lemon curd and vanilla buttercream, plus candied lemon slices to decorate the exterior.

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Sugar and Fig Wedding Cake

Love, The Nelsons

A sweet dusting of powdered sugar completes this fig-layered vanilla cake.

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Pineapple Upside-Down Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cake with Berries, Grapes, Figs, and Pears

These single-serving cherry-filled Bundt cakes include "flowers" made from dried pineapple.

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Caramel Apple Wedding Cake


Apples have been a symbol of love, fertility, and abundance since ancient Greek times, when the goddess Gaia gave her granddaughter a golden apple tree as a gift at her wedding to Zeus. Golden lady apples, painted with edible gold luster dust, are the focal point of this tower by Betsy Thorleifson of Nine Cakes in Brooklyn, New York. The vanilla-bean spiced apple cake—filled with caramel buttercream—is drizzled with luscious caramel.

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Lemon Icebox Wedding Cake

Con Poulos

To construct this lemon icebox cake, with its layers of scalloped lemon cookies and honey mascarpone cream, we simply built from the bottom up. Top yours with candied lemon slices for a tangy-sweet cookie cake that will appeal to fickle kids and grown-up foodies alike. (We made the cookies from scratch, but store-bought varieties work just as well; try Moravian Meyer lemon cookies from Salem Baking Co.)

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Tropical Fruit Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake with Berries, Grapes, Figs, and Pears

These yellow-cake layers are brushed with rum syrup and filled with passion-fruit curd and rum-and-vanilla-bean buttercream, while the top of each tier is spread with more passion-fruit curd. Hibiscus flowers, lychees, coconut, mini pineapple and bananas, and tamarillo crown the cake. Pressing a straw mat into the ivory fondant produces the textured appearance. Serve with a slice of fruit such as star fruit, and coconut sorbet.

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Strawberry and Floral Wedding Cake


Whimsical and sweet, this cake—with its gum-paste fruits and flowers atop white fondant—is a not-too-classic Bavarian style. A basket filled with tiny strawberries tops off the countryside-chic creation.

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Pyramides de Sorbet

Wedding Cake with Berries, Grapes, Figs, and Pears
Gentl & Hyers

This sweet ice-cream cake is simply spectacular. Each of the realistic fruits, which cover an edible nougatine cone, is molded from refreshing sorbet.

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Meyer Lemon Wedding Cake


This confection is composed of layers of Meyer lemon-flavored cake, lemon curd, and coconut Swiss-meringue buttercream. Curls of fresh coconut and candied lemon peel form the ruffled flounces on the tiers.

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Berry and Ladyfinger Wedding Cake

Gentl & Hyers

Here, feather-light ladyfingers surround a filling of raspberry mousse, raspberries, and fraises des bois, or wild strawberries, on soft almond biscuits. More berries and a drizzle of raspberry preserve crown the tiers.

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Chocolate Kumquat Wedding Cake

Dana Gallagher

Consider this cake for a wintertime wedding, when the tiny citrus fruit is in season. Tart kumquats are candied and served on the side. Their syrup is brushed on the oval tiers of chocolate cake, which are covered in whipped ganache, then surrounded by bands of tempered bittersweet chocolate. The bands are adorned with flowers cut from kumquat skins and with leaves and flourishes piped in dark and white chocolate.

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Grape and Pear Wedding Cake

Kirsten Strecker

A Tuscan-style cake with Swiss meringue buttercream is garnished with champagne grapes and Seckel pears. A cake stand of stoneware is supported by dowels inside the bottom tier. The display includes fall foliage, plums, and walnuts; the cake is served with Italian nougat candies.

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Wedding Cake with Orange and Red Fruits

Dana Gallagher

This square buttercream wedding cake is adorned with apples, peaches, pears, plums, and currants to soften its edges and give it a charming appeal.

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Chocolate-Lemon Wedding Cake

Kirsten Strecker

Royal-icing latticework gives this grand cake a summery feel, but the year-round appeal of citrus fruit makes it right for any season. The lemons are actually tinted white chocolate, the blossoms are made of gum paste, and the leaves are white fondant.

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Strawberry Shortcake Wedding Cake

Dana Gallagher

Fresh strawberries top stacked pound cakes instead of traditional shortcake biscuits, while mascarpone cream is sandwiched between the layers.

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Basket of Berries Wedding Cake

Charles Maraia

Early summer is the best time to choose a cake like this one, which is brimming with a fresh and varied assortment of the season's best berries. Red currants, raspberries, gooseberries, blueberries, and strawberries look beautiful jumbled together on basket-weave tiers (created using an oversize leaf tip). The cake's three tiers are supported by wooden dowels; the berries are arranged before the dowels are inserted, which helps hide the supports.

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Millenery Lemon Wedding Cake


Just try to resist this delightful cake enhanced by a zesty lemon curd filling. Natural and yellow buttercream were piped from the same bag to create the ombré latticework. A topper of silk flowers and millinery lemons makes this perfect for a casual garden wedding.

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Cherry-Almond Wedding Cake


Cherries and almonds are close botanical relatives, and they're famously compatible in desserts. Here, they meld lusciously in a three-tier cake cloaked in marzipan (a sweet almond paste) and scattered with marzipan cherries. Sour-cherry jam and buttercream top layers made with ground almonds.

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Asian Fruit Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake with Berries, Grapes, Figs, and Pears
Kirsten Strecker

Designs from Asian ceramics inspired the gum-paste pomegranates and persimmons that adorn this fondant-covered cake.

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Green Pear Wedding Cake

Kirsten Strecker

This octagonal fondant-covered cake has mini marzipan pears with vanilla-bean stems.

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