Flower and Plant Wedding Favor Ideas

plant wedding favors flowers mini vases escort cards
Jose Villa

Plants—including flowers—can be used in more than just bouquets, centerpieces, and as general wedding décor. One of our favorite ways to embrace them on your big day? Giving them out as wedding favors. With the help of a florist, planner, and/or vendor that sells blooms or greenery, you can buy, style, and gift them to your liking, and to the pleasure of all of your guests.

There are tons of creative options when it comes to sending attendees away with flora. A popular idea is to order or DIY potted plants—succulents and other durable varieties are especially common. You don't have to hand out large ones, either. Mini plant favors are adorable, more affordable, and more manageable when it comes to transporting them (your celebrants have to take them home, after all). You can also present guests with bud vases, or other unique vessels that speak to your personal taste or wedding style, filled with stems that you love. And if you're working with something like air plants, they don't need to be placed in anything at all!

Nature-inspired favors don't stop there, though. Alternatively, you can gift petals, which can be savored for their scents, or seeds, which can be grown, or in some cases, eaten. If you'd rather not work with natural materials, faux florals and foliage are pretty, too. Click through to see all of these ideas and more, and start brainstorming your own wedding favors. Many of these gifts offer double the inspiration, serving as things like seating "cards" as well.

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Pressed Flowers

wedding wallflower seating assignments
Corbin Gurkin

Pressed flowers were preserved in frames and tripled as favors, décor, and seating assignments at this event.

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Seed Packets

Jodi & Kurt Photography

If you love to garden, send your attendees home with your favorite flower seeds. These packets also doubled as escort "cards."

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Potted Succulents

plant cupcake wedding favor succulent seating card
Blush Wedding Photography

These favors pulled double duty. Attendees were guided to their tables with help from potted Balconi succulents, which served as both escort cards and favors.

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Bud Vases

plant wedding favors mini vases flowers
Jose Villa

Lovely little bud vases were filled with on-palette blooms by Nicolette Camille and tagged for this celebration's attendees.

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Boxed Ferns

plant wedding favors leaves glass boxes
Jose Villa

Give out keepsake boxes, and fill them with plants that coordinate with your event's natural décor. These ones also contained attendees' seating assignments.

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Bagged Saplings

sapling favors
Michelle Boyd Photography

Westcott Weddings bagged pine saplings in burlap for guests to take home and plant.

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DIY Nosegays

paper cones flowers
Kate Headley

Blooms were available at this celebration's flower station, and crafted into takeaway nosegays in paper cones.

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Edible Seeds

seed packet wedding favors
Lisa Blume Photography

Don't let the vintage-inspired seed packets fool you: These pretty favors are actually filled with candy-coated sunflower seeds.

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Potted Cactuses

plant wedding favors mini cacti place cards
Love & Light Photographs

How sweet were these mini cactuses with names clipped to their pots?

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Flower Bulbs

Heather Waraksa

You have two options here: either gift actual bulbs to be planted, or craft faux ones like these, which were filled with surprises like trinkets and paper notes.

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Flower Necklaces

floral necklace
Lucky Malone Photography

Forget jewelry with floral motifs—these bridesmaids were gifted items made from actual flowers, including arm cuffs, belts, headpieces, and necklaces. A mix of these and more (like boutonnières) could be presented to all of your celebrants to wear during the party.

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Flower Snapshots

Corbin Gurkin Photography

Your favors don't have to be made from actual flowers and plants. Guests at this party were encouraged to pose for pictures in front a rose-covered wall and took home copies at the end of the night.

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Air Plants

hanging plant wedding favors green
onelove photography

Air plants are some of the most self-sufficient plants of all, which means that guests won't need a green thumb to take them home and care for them.

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Lavender Satchets

plant wedding favors lavender sachet
Lavender and Twine

Scented sachets make for pretty and soothing favors. These ones that came with simple labels saying, "Thank you!"

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Petal Boxes

joyann jeremy wedding confetti escort cards
Christian Oth Studio

At this wedding, freeze-dried rose petals were packaged in vellum boxes for guests.

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Dried Buds

eliza peter wedding toss
Paige Jones Photography

Fragrant dried flowers—including chamomile, rose, and lavender buds—were given to these celebrants in leather bowls. Do the same for gifts that include both take-home potpourri and reusable catchalls. (Also supply baggies for easy transport of the former.)

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Flower Pins

meg nick wedding pins
Elisa Bricker

This couple gave their groomsmen dogwood-inspired pins, but similar accessories can also serve as favors for everybody.

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Single Stems

Mint Photography

These stems were used to guide guests to their seats, but could be taken home, too. If you opt for favors like these, pick a sturdier flower that isn't likely to snap from lots of handling.

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Natural Crowns

plant wedding favors cappy hotchkiss
Cappy Hotchkiss Photography

Crowns of flowers and greenery were made by AvaFlora and left out for guests to grab and wear at this outdoor wedding.

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