The Olympic gold medalist has pushed back her wedding date.
Nastia Liukin and Matt Lombardi

Brides- and grooms-to-be face a lot of planning pressure. Family members, friends, and social conventions place a boatload of expectations on couples headed toward the altar, including that they have a timely marriage post-engagement. But sometimes, plans change, or the couple gets overwhelmed, leaving the wedding timeline skewed. Guess what? That's totally okay!

Olympic gold medalist Nastia Liukin proves firsthand that wedding dates can wait. The gymnast and her fiancé Matt Lombardi recently announced the postponement of their nuptials. Though the couple has been engaged for almost two years and had plans to tie the knot in Newport, Rhode Island, this June, they've decided together to hold off for the time being. "My career has been so crazy, we both felt it was best to take a breather and focus on spending time with each other," Liukin told People. "We're together, we're [still] engaged," the athlete confirmed.

Women often feel the heat to completely engulf themselves in wedding planning, but that's not always practical in the working world. Liukin, who just got back from commentating at the 2016 Olympics, has a lot on her (impressive) plate. She recently graduated from New York University, and now travels for work with USA Gymnastics. The busy lady has plenty to do, and can take all the time she needs, thank you very much.

"I'm really obviously very excited to spend the rest of my life with him," she told People. "We bought a house in December and started a new business together and we just kind of wanted to take a second and pause and breath." "We are still together!" she added. "It's not like we're taking a break in our relationship at all."

Lombardi, who now works with Liukin on their app, Grander Sports, proposed back in 2015. He surprised Liukin with a custom ring and a celebration with family and friends. As for when the wedding will now be, Liukin guesses next summer. We wish the couple the relaxation they need and look forward to their future plans!


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