Credit: Wende LLT. Webber

It takes luck, love, and careful planning to pull off a glitch-free wedding. To improve your luck, why not try a four-leaf-clover ring pillow? Start with a store-bought pillow, or make your own (ours is 5 inches square). Hunt for clovers or purchase them via mail order. Cut organza and linen each into a square 1/2 inch larger than the pillow's face. Sew the squares together by stacking them, then stitching a cross through middle, with stitching ending 1/4 inch from the edges. Fold back organza corners, and affix clovers to linen using white craft glue. Let dry. Fold fabrics' edges under by 1/4 inch, and press. Top stitch to pillow, with care -- the clovers are fragile. Tack a silk cord to the center of the pillow and tie the rings to it.


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