There's more to do than just planning the bachelor party. Sorry, guys.

From prom to college beer-pong tournaments to getting his first "real job," you've been by the groom's side for every big-and small-life milestone. And now, you're about to play a part in one of the most important times of his life: his wedding. Before you start looking up flights to Las Vegas, take a step back and read our ultimate best-man checklist.

Brainstorm a gift.

A fun way to kick off wedding planning is to give the groom a playful gift from all the groomsmen. Donna Kwan, owner of wedding planning company Joy + Confetti, says, "With your fellow groomsmen, come up with a personalized gift that the groom will love and actually use, like a customized jersey for their favorite sports team!"

Jumpstart groomsmen bonding.

Get all of the guys together so you can get to know each other. "Whether it's a hike, structured activity, or simply going to a bar, it is a good way for all the groomsmen to break the ice, and it may just provide you with a lot of material for your best man speech!" Kwan says.

Plan some guy-time with the groom.

When the bride is off getting pampered at her bridal shower, offer to take the groom out for a fun activity like drinks at a trendy brewery. Amanda Kong, senior event producer at Jubilee Lau Events, says, "it will be a great way for the groom to have an equally awesome day as his bride, and it will remind the groom that your ‘guy time' won't end just because he's getting married."

Plan the bachelor party.

The bachelor party is an obvious checklist item for the best man. When it comes to the nuts and bolts, Kwan says, "Split the costs and make sure to book any necessary travel arrangements."

Coordinate the groomsmen's attire.

Get the ball rolling with everything from tuxes down to funky matching socks. Jubilee Lau, owner at Jubilee Lau Events, says, "Yes, men tend to drag their feet, so someone needs to crack the whip to get those bodies measured and tuxes ordered."

Rehearse at the venue.

Get familiar with the wedding venue so you're not completely lost on your best friend's big day. Kwan says, "Attend the rehearsal to be familiar with the venue and learn how you're supposed to walk down the aisle."

Protect the rings.

Check to make sure you have both wedding rings. Check again. And again. Kwan says, "keep the rings safe until it's time to hand them over to the groom during the ceremony. The vest pocket is usually the best spot to keep the rings."

Master your toast.

Ah, the anticipated best man toast. Kwan says, "Be mindful of your alcohol consumption until you've completed your best man toast. A little bit of liquid courage before the toast is fine, but slurring your sentimental words while being propped up by a groomsman is never a good look."

Hold onto the groom's stuff.

Kong says, "If the groom is weary about detaching from his phone, give him a sense of security by offering to hold the phone for him...but make sure it to place it in your jacket pocket in avoid the awkward bulge on the side of your pants pocket."

Start the party

It's no fun when people are glued to their seats instead of on the dance floor. Lau says, "Help get the party started when the dance floor opens, especially when guests are slow to get up. Bust our your best dance moves and help keep the dance floor crowded all night!"


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