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By Blythe Copeland
November 05, 2018
Plus-Size Shopping Tips for Mother of the Bride, Dresses Hanging on Rack
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Every mom deserves to feel beautiful and confident on her son or daughter's wedding day, which is why we asked Susan Norcross, owner of The Styled Bride, for her best dress shopping tips for plus-size mothers of the bride and groom. With so many gorgeous, flattering options on the market, there's no reason why a mom should feel anything short of amazing on such a special day. With these tips-which include everything from brands to consider and alteration options to the best colors and cuts to try-you're bound to walk down the aisle in a dress you absolutely love.

Get the Right Fit

There are plenty of off-the-rack options for plus-size women, and Norcross recommends Adrianna Papell, Alex Evenings, Mac Duggal, and Pissaro Nights for their size-inclusive mother-of-the-bride and-groom dress options. If you're not seeing something you love in a store, Norcross says you shouldn't rule out a custom dress. You'll be able to work with a talented seamstress to select the most flattering cut, neckline, length, and fabric, while adding details, embellishments, beading, lace, or sleeves that fit your vision. Often, you can also add a custom shrug for the ceremony or a matching shawl for outdoor photos in cooler weather. If you've found a stunning off-the-rack dress that doesn't quite fit, tailoring might be an option. Though the cost can vary depending how much work a dress needs, an expert seamstress can hem a gown, take it in or let it out, add or remove straps, or change the neckline.

Choose Your Own Color

The couple may have a vision for their wedding's overall color palette, but that doesn't mean you have to invest in a gown in a color you hate, or one that's just not flattering. Take their ideas into account and then suggest a color that you prefer that fits the overall look, even if it's not the exact shade. "I don't think matching the bridal party is a necessity, but being within the color palette or choosing a complementary color is advised," says Norcross. "If the ladies are wearing soft blush and mom wears a grey or gold dress, it can complement the look."

Be Yourself

Finding the perfect gown may mean being firm with well-meaning salespeople, future in-laws, or pushy bridesmaids; after all, you know your style best. "Don't be talked into a color or style that doesn't suit you," says Norcross. "As long as you blend in with the bride and bridal party, your photos will still look beautiful." And remember that the most important part of the day is the memories you'll make with your son or daughter and their new spouse: walking down the aisle in front of friends and family, sharing an emotional dance with your child, and closing down the party with your own lifelong friends. The best choice is always something easy to wear and something that you love, says Norcross. "The goal should be to feel your best and move comfortably."


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