It's tempting to wear your engagement ring 24/7, but there are certain instances when it's best to go sans diamond. Surprisingly, there are a few everyday activities that can (and will) damage your new rock.

By Maya Wong
October 21, 2015

1. When you're working out …

Make sure to slip off your ring before heading out for your Saturday morning hot yoga class. Kim Heidenreich, a specialized jeweler of vintage wedding rings at Trumpet & Horn, says, "aside from walking or jogging, you shouldn't wear your ring when you exercise." Play it safe and take off your ring when you're lifting weights too. "There is also a possibility weights can create pressure on the metal that will bend the ring," says Simon G. Jewelry.

2. When you're applying lotions …

Who knew your favorite moisturizer could be such a troublemaker when it comes to your engagement ring? Turns out lotion and your ring do not get along. "We recommend removing your ring to avoid a nasty build up which will make your stones appear dull and lifeless," says Simon G. Jewelry. Play it safe and give your ring a break while lathering up.

3. When you're cleaning …

Don't risk accidentally banging up your ring trying to assemble that new IKEA cabinet or scratching your ring on a gardening tool. "We love our weekend warrior projects like organizing closets, clearing garages, and painting walls, but it can all ruin your rings," says Heidenreich. When it comes to housework, it's better to be safe than sorry.

4. While you're sleeping …

Heidenreich says, "The weight from your body against your hand re-shapes your ring over time and loosens the stones, which can be a costly fix." Avoid the potential nightmare and leave your ring on the bedside table for the night.

5. While you're swimming …

Rocking your engagement ring in the pool or the ocean is a huge no-no if you want to keep your ring in topnotch quality. "Chlorine and harsh pool chemicals will strip the rhodium on white gold engagement rings, turning them yellow much faster and eat away at the metal," says Simon G. Jewelry. And if that wasn't enough to convince you, Simon G. Jewelry says, "salt water creates a film on the stories of the ring and also presents the opportunity to lose you ring because your hands often shrink in the cold temperature of the water." Yikes!


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