This bespoke element can add up quickly, and you'll want to plan for it in your budget.
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Hand lettering adds a beautiful, elegant finish to wedding invitations and envelopes, signage, and more. If you're planning to incorporate this bespoke element into your celebration's design, one of the first steps you should take is sorting out how it fits into your budget. Will you be able to have all of your wedding invitations addressed in calligraphy? What about having name tags made for escort cards? Here's what you need to know about budgeting for calligraphy so you can make the best decision for your wedding.

There's no industry standard when it comes to calligraphy.

Because of the very nature of calligraphy being handmade by artisans, the pricing will vary based on each calligrapher's experience level and style. Wedding planner Jacin Fitzgerald says, "Budgets can vary based on the style, and whether you're having other items calligraphed or not." The best way to budget for calligraphy is to think about what you'd like calligraphed and then inquire with anyone whose work you like so you can get the most realistic estimate. You should also consider which details you're willing to spend the most money on. Having a calligrapher pen a custom invitation suite that you can then have digitally printed may seem expensive at the outset, but the final cost might be more affordable than having custom calligraphy done for each and every envelope.

When it comes to addressing, plan to pay per envelope.

Most calligraphers price envelope addressing by the piece, not by the job. But that doesn't mean you should expect a relatively inexpensive quote. Fitzgerald says, "Depending on the experience of your artist and number of lines, you can expect to spend $5+ per envelope."

Remember that calligraphy can also be used for signage.

Many couples opt to bring in a calligrapher to create memorable wedding-day signage, but these prices really vary across the board. Fitzgerald says, "Signage options can vary, from acrylic to lucite, wooden to foam board, so I would recommend speaking with your potential stationery designer to discuss their capabilities and the pricing per style." This is a conversation you can have early in the planning process so you can seek alternatives if you decide the quotes are too high to work within your budget.

Consider the other items you may want to get a calligraphy quote for.

If you're interested in also addressing your save-the-dates with calligraphy, as well as escort cards, welcome bag tags, menu cards, seating cards, or any other day-of paper materials, it's smart to have everything included in your initial quote. This way, you can appropriately allocate your budget as you deem necessary.


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