Tools and Materials

3/4-inch white rope


Needle and white thread (or white gaffer's tape)


  1. To create one knot, cut two 5-foot lengths of rope. Keeping the pieces parallel, make a loop in the center, passing the right-hand tails up and over the left-hand ones.
  2. Tuck the right-hand (or top) tails of the rope under the left-hand tails.
  3. Pass the right-hand tails through the center of the loop from the top.
  4. Grasp the two sets of tails (one in each hand), and pull firmly to evenly tighten the knot. Tightly wrap the rope tails around your chair so all four ends meet in the front (trim off any excess). Bind together by wrapping gaffer's tape around the ends, or by sewing.


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