Make sure you hear your favorite tunes during the party.
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Creating the perfect wedding reception playlist can be difficult for any couple, as you'll want to be sure the big-day pleases guests of every age. That's why brides and grooms generally do not create the musical lineup—instead, they hire a band or DJ to tackle this big job, and instead guide them towards what they do and do not like with lists. We asked Sabrina Zeile of Supermoon DJs for her best advice for couples currently working on their own do and do not play lists for their big-day music vendors.

Ask If You Can Fill Out a Questionnaire

Once you book your DJ, Zeile says you'll likely be asked to fill out a questionnaire detailing all the songs (and genres!) that you do and do not want played during the reception. If they don't offer one, ask! It's incredibly helpful for both the couple and this important vendor. Filling out such a questionnaire, Zeile says, can help your DJ understand the musical vibe you are going for.

Submit Between 10 and 20 Must Play Choices

If they're willing to take a look at specific songs you really want to hear, be sure to share those—without going overboard. "I recommend listing at least ten tracks so your DJ gets a sense of your taste in music," Zeile says. "I also suggest limiting your selections to under 20 tracks, because it will consume more of your time, and you should try to trust the general style of the DJ you hired." These should be the songs you just can't imagine your wedding day without, not a fun tune you recently heard on the radio and liked.

Make Sure You List Songs You Love for Dancing

In addition to listing any general favorite songs, Zeile stresses the importance of outlining danceable tracks. Though this can include some slower jams, you'll want a good mix of songs that your DJ can work in throughout the course of the party. However, it's important to remember that the majority of the set will be focused on tunes you can actually dance to, making it wise to choose your song selection with caution.

Be Sure to List Specific Genres You Love

While Zeile suggests that it's important to highlight specific songs you do and don't love, she explains that it's really helpful for your DJ to know about the general genres you enjoy, too. "For example, notes can include No Current Top 40 Pop, Must Play: '90s Hip Hop, or Play Daytime Disco (like the band Poolside) during cocktail hour," she explains. This ensures your expert has creative freedom and that you hear the types of music you love.


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