Get your waterproof mascara ready.
A Bride and Her Mother
Credit: Branco Prata

The wedding is an important day-not just for you and your future husband, but also for your mom and your entire family! Many of her friends and family members will be attending this big event, and the photographs of her daughter's day will surely be cherished forever. That's why it's so important for the mother of the bride to think about her wedding-day beauty look, too. In addition to working with a great makeup artist on the big day, Mom should think about prepping in advance. Here, five essential beauty tips for the mother of the bride.

Address skin concerns early.

Before you even start to think about makeup, you have to address any skin concerns that might impede your wedding beauty look. Common complexion problems that women may ignore during their daily life, like rosacea, uneven skin tone, and aging skin, can hinder perfect makeup application. Get advice from skin-care specialist or make an appointment for a facial so that an expert can help you choose skin creams, serums, and treatments that are right for your skin.

Try different things.

Take some time to identify parts of your daily beauty routine that aren't really working. This is especially important if you plan on doing your own makeup. Is your foundation not giving you enough coverage or is it the wrong color? Do you have dark circles under your eyes? Is your blush too dull? Visit your favorite makeup counter or make an appointment with a makeup artist to figure out which products will best accentuate your skin and features. When women have a big event the first thing they think of is getting a new lipstick or eyeshadow, but this is usually a mistake. The most crucial thing to worry about is making sure your skin looks flawless and bright.

Don't be afraid of something different.

There are very few days that you'll be photographed as many times as you will at your daughter's wedding, so this is a great opportunity to try something different than your your everyday look. If you've always loved a red lip or the way fake lashes make eyes pop, let the makeup artist know Even better, schedule a trial first so that you can try out different looks and find something you're comfortable with.

Book hair and makeup.

You may have mastered your daily beauty look, but applying makeup and styling your hair for such a big event can be stressful. If the bride is booking hair and makeup for herself and her bridesmaids, ask if the artists can fit you in, too. If not, book an appointment at your favorite salon or makeup counter. After months of helping your daughter plan the wedding, it will nice to be pampered on the big day.

Be sure that everything is waterproof.

Mothers of the bride will likely cry more than anyone else will at the wedding. Whether you're applying your own makeup or having it done by a professional, make sure that every single product you use is completely waterproof. This includes all eye products, concealers, and even lip color. Even if you don't shed a tear, weddings stretch out for hours on end, and waterproof products generally have the most staying power.


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