Your father has rejoiced in every other milestone in your life … first smile, first steps, first day of school, and now he's expected to just give you away?! Color palettes and escort cards may not pique his interest, but you can bet your wedding's got him thinking!

1. Time flies.

He remembers the day he and your mom brought you home from the hospital, a little thing all swaddled in pink. He's so proud of the woman you've become, but he can't quite believe you're about to become a Mrs.

2. She'll always be my little girl.

It killed him when you started dating in high school, so on the one hand he's relieved that part of your life is over, but you're still his little girl. Sure, you've grown a bunch, but fundamentally you are still you, and your relationship will always be special.

3. He better take good care of her.

No matter how much your father likes your fiancé, he will always be the person who raised you. Even though he gets that a modern marriage involves taking care of each other, he can't help being a protective dad about wanting his little girl to be safe and happy.

4. Let's sort out who's paying for what.

Very traditionally speaking, weddings are paid for by the bride's family, specifically by the father of the bride, so even if you and your fiancé decide to finance the entire celebration yourself, your dad will want to know what part(s) of the wedding he's covering.

Find Out Who Pays for What for the Wedding

5. The dress costs how much?!

It's practically your dad's job to be shocked at how much you will spend (regardless of the dollar amount) on a dress you'll most likely wear only once. Don't worry, though, cost won't be on his mind when he walks you (in your dream gown) down the aisle.

6. Time to figure out my speech.

Whether his style is off the cuff or carefully composed, your father will give some thought to his speech. He'll aim for the perfect blend of humor and sentimentality that will communicate just how much you (and his new son-in-law) mean to him.

7. Will I keep it together?

Guys never cry, right? Wrong. Seeing you in your dress for the first time, walking you down the aisle, lifting your veil, recounting a touching tale from when you were a kid during his toast … it's hard to remain completely dry-eyed in the face of so many emotional moments!

8. Can't wait to dance with her at the wedding!

You won't be standing on his freshly polished oxfords like you did when you were six, but he's still psyched to spin you round the dance floor.

9. She's always been beautiful, but wow!

He's your dad. To him you look great in sweats and a quick ponytail. When he sees you all dressed up and ready to say "I do," he will be completely blown away (potentially speechless) at what an incredibly gorgeous bride you are.


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