Plus, how to do so tactfully.
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If you're hosting your wedding at a venue that offers accommodations and you'd like to have some of your guests stay on-site, there are a few things you should know about paying for these rooms. For starters, you're not expected to cover the costs of your guests' overnight stays. Furthermore, depending on your venue, you might need to hire someone to manage the bookings process so your family members and friends aren't confused about payment. Here are all the details you need to know.

You're not expected to pay for guests' accommodations.

Under no circumstances should you be expected to pay for guests' accommodations during your wedding weekend. If you feel like you'd simply like to cover the cost of a few rooms-those of close friends or family members-it's a nice gesture and one that will certainly be appreciated.

There are multiple types of venues with accommodation on-site.

If your wedding venue is a hotel, it'll be easy for guests to manage their own bookings directly through the hotel staff. However, there are many venues with on-site accommodations that aren't hotels. Maybe your wedding is taking place at a private estate with only enough accommodations for your wedding party. Or perhaps you're bringing in glamping tents for the weekend and expect guests to pay for their stay. Either way, you'll need to set up a tactful payment process that doesn't feel awkward for guests or like they're paying for your venue.

Set up a payment system through your venue or event manager.

Under no circumstances should guests be booking their accommodations directly through you. It's too much for you to track and it's inherently awkward for you to be the person collecting their money. Instead, turn to your venue or event manager to coordinate payments and room assignments. This way, your guests will have a direct contact to communicate with if anything changes at the last minute and your vendor can help with any issues as they arise.

Subsidizing costs and assigning rooms.

Some couples opt to subsidize room prices for their guests if they've chosen a particularly expensive venue, or if they feel there are certain guests they'd like to take care of. Some couples might also opt to assign actual room numbers to guests based on where they'd like each guest to be located on the property. A designated accommodations manager can communicate all of this with guests when they call.

All accommodation information should be on your wedding website.

Your wedding details card should point guests in the direction of your wedding website for all information about accommodations. On the site, rather than including price details (especially if you're selectively subsidizing), you'll include a little snippet of info about options and refer your guests to the accommodations manager.


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